Bad Boy’s Love season 2 episode 8

(Awakened Romance)

By Sommy Pearl F.

Chapter 8



He kept kissing me hungrily, leaving no room for me to catch possible fresh air. My eyes were widened opened trying to get the f*ck that was going on.

When I noticed I was getting hot, I pushed him away. I didn’t notice we were close to my bed. I wiped my wet lips and looked at him.

“What the hell is wrong with you? What are you doing right now!” I snapped angrily at him.

“You didn’t miss me?” He whispered, softly.

“Are you crazy? Why would I? I’m dating Elvis,, you dunce!” I said.

“I missed you” He said.

I shook my head.
“Is that what I’m talking about here?”

“Do you want me to leave then?” He asked.

I nodded sharply.
“Please,, please,,, just f*cking leave!”

He smirked and nodded.

I looked and watched him turn around. I felt myself swallowing hard. Why was it so hard, to see him leave?

“Wait” I mumbled.

He quickly turned around.

Before I could say one more word, He had already swiftly came to me kissing me like I was some kind of milk provider.

This time, I couldn’t stop him. My eyes slowly and involuntarily closed. I pushed my tongue into his, reciprocating the passionate kiss.

As soon as I felt my back falling to the bed,,, I… woke up.


…. It was a… dream?


“Gosh!” My whole body shook.

“What…was that?” I thought.

“Ahh!” I gasped and quickly covered my mouth.

“That was a freaky racy dream. The f*ck! Why?… Why did that-

I breathed deeply and went to get water.


“You are gonna do just two things for me, boy” He said, still squashing his face with his shoe.

Axel nodded.

Mrs Wins slowly took his leg off Axel’s face and moved to the door.

“I know you are there, Nurse Maggie, Come in now” He said.

The door slowly opened and a nurse came into view.

“I didn’t mean to hear you both conversation,, I swear” She shook her head and waved both hands.

Mr Wins chuckled.
“You don’t have to worry but care for a little bit of fun?” He asked.

“What?…I… don’t understand” She said.

“Axel. Here are my two options and I promise to let of your mum. I’m also gonna let go of what you did with that… girl”

Axel nodded in relief, waiting to hear from him.

“Stand up” Mr Wins commanded and he obeyed quickly.

“Now…” Mr Wins started.

“I want you to f*ck Nurse Maggie right here and now and I want you to get married to some girl whom I’m gonna introduce to you soon”

“Dad” Axel’s voice trembled.

“You doing it or not?” Mr Wins smiled evilly.


As Mr Wins requested, Axel asked Maggie to strip herself off her clothes.

She whimpered softly.

She even had to do it because her job was at stake. She was an orphan and had no one to take care of her.

She had even had s*x with Mr Wins on the day of her interview. She had to do it to get the job which she regretted up to this day.

She slowly took off her gown, remaining her underwear and brassiere. Mr Wins watched with a smile on his face.

He brought out his iPad and recording it.

“What are you waiting for?” He snarled at Axel.

“Take your turtle neck off!” He added.

Axel touched his neck. He didn’t want his father to see the tattoo there.

“Wow. You are really growing some nerves,, boy” He snapped.

“Dad,, I-

“Take it off, Axel!!”

Axel stripped himself naked and at once his father saw the beautiful rose flower on his neck.

His father chuckled evily.
“You got to be kidding me. What’s that?”

Axel began to cry, shaking his head.
“Dad,, I’m sorry”

“F*ck!… I even wondered why you were wearing a turtle neck. You loathe the clothing so much!!” His father screamed.

“You know what,, let get this over with. Maybe later,, I’ll get back to you”


Axel went behind Maggie whose hands were holding the desk.

“ah” She sobbed softly as she felt his D penetrate into her slowly.

Axel took his arms around her waist and began to slam her slowly. He went on for minutes.

“Do it faster! His father ordered.

“ugh” Maggie moans came faster as he started hitting her faster. She almost dug her fingers into the desk as it went on.

She closed her eyes tightly but after feeling it at climax, she opened her eyes widely and screamed. Her bun hair fell down and scattered around her face.

“Thats enough” Mr Wins said.

Axel stopped and looked at him. He slowly left her.

“Maggie?” He called.

Maggie looked at him.
“Sir?” She answered, softly.

“Get on the desk”



Maggie swallowed hard and climbed the desk. She sat down.

“Axel. You know what to do”

Axel moved closer to her with his teary eyes.

“Now hit her hard and make her beg for you to stop” Mr Wins smiled.

Axel walked over to her and pushed her legs open. He quickly thrusted into her and she whimpered.

“Ohh” She moaned.

Axel thrusted into her faster and harder. Maggie looked down and saw his D moving forth and back into her, aggressively.

“What’s she looking at?” Mr Wins frowned.

“Choke her. Let her look up” He told Axel.

“I’m…sorry” Axel whispered and quickly chocked her neck with his hand.

She gagged and tears ran down her eyes. Axel used his hand which was around her neck in making her face up to the ceiling.

While doing that, he rough-handled slammed her as his father commanded.


“You did a job well done. You can go” Mr Wins smiled.

Axel looked at Maggie who was laying down with her gown covering her on the cold tiles.

“What about her-

“Why do you care?” His father slapped him.
“I’m still trying to forgive you for… that” He said, choking his neck.

“Dad” Axel whimpered.

“But,,, I’m gonna forgive you as far as you get married to a lady whom I’m gonna introduce to you soon”

“Mum…What of my-

“You are gonna see her soon” He smirked and took his hand off Axel’s neck.

Axel coughed and touched his neck. He looked over at weak Maggie, sighed and bowed down respectively to his father before leaving.


I couldn’t sleep no more. I was afraid of those dreams. I kept myself busy by watching a drama on my phone.

I heard a hard knock and went to open the door. I was expecting to see Julie.

“Damn!” I gasped seeing a weak and drunk wasted Axel.

Was the dream coming to pass. It shouldn’t…

“Axel, What are you doing h-

“Rose?” He called, sadly.

“Huh?” I answered.

“Okay then. I’m gonna be your… friend”


He smiled sadly and his head suddenly dropped on my shoulder. I quickly held him.


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