Bad Boy’s Love season 2 episode 15

(Awakened Romance)

By Sommy Pearl F.

Chapter 15



“Did you two come to make fun of me?” Elvis asked, staring at us both.

“We came to apologize-

“F*ck! You guys toyed with me! I’ve got real emotions for crying out loud! So, you used me in getting back together, I don’t understand!” He half screamed, cutting me off.

“I’m sorry, Elvis but…I couldn’t help it, I swear. I’m sorry for playing with your heart but still, I can’t say no to whom my heart really beats for-

“Leave. Both of you. The more I keep hearing this and seeing you both, The more I keep killing you two in my mind” Elvis said, coldly.

Axel exhaled.
“Elvis. I’m sorry. I didn’t know what really happened. Find it in your heart to forgive m-

Elvis quickly grabbed his collar.
“Do you know when i can only forgive you?”

Axel opened his eyes.

“When you die” He snapped and pushed him away.

“Also, Julie told me everything. How you met Axel, everything about you two and even how she and Axel met. She also wants me to start calling you Juliet again,, finally… Anyways,, I’m so disappointed in you, Rose”

I slowly bit my lower lip.

“You are cheap, Rose… really cheap”

“What?” I muttered.

“You are easy as f*ck!” Elvis was crying now.

“Stop” I muttered, with tears flowing down my eyes.

“A slut! Whore! Prostitute! What else,, remind me. Ah…gold digger! A woman without dignity and pride! A mother f*-

“Enough!” Axel roared and held his collar, choking him.

“F*cker” Elvis completed, despite struggling to breathe.

“I said enough!” Axel roared again and fell him down on the ground, heavily.

He sat down on him and began to punch his face. I just stared as both of them, fought,, struggling with each other.

I ran out in tears. He was right. What have I been doing?

I wiped my tears and entered my room. I saw Julie. She glared coldly at me.

“Have you told the world?” She asked.

“What?” My voice trembled

“That you’re now dating Axel?”

I swallowed hard.
“Not yet”

“You’d better do so cause if I do so myself, you won’t like me” She said, and barged out of the room.

I began to cry again.
“What have I done? How should I change this? I just wish this was all a dream!!”


“Its fine” Axel consoled me neatly.

“I regret it. I wished I never met you, Julie, Elvis and even Lily. You all made me confused. I shouldn’t have accepted Elvis in the first place. I shouldn’t have asked you to sleep with me at the first place,, Maybe all this shouldn’t have happened”

I didn’t stop crying.

“Its fine. You don’t have to worry. I promise, everything will be fine. I’ll settle it right. Okay, let’s do this. Let’s tell everyone about us and leave bridge ford,, huh?”

I sniffed.
“Thats what I’m gonna do. The humiliation is too much for me. I need to leave”

He nodded.

“But first, I need to call my dad and tell him I need to transfer schools”

“And what if he asks for the reason?”

“I’m gonna tell him I… had a personal issue with my studies. What about you, you said you are gonna change. What will you tell your dad?”

“You don’t have to worry. I’m still rich without him” Axel smiled.

“Okay then” I forced a smile.

“By the way, what happened? I thought I saw you leaving then?” I asked

“Something happened so we had to cancel it” He replied.

“Its a relief. I’ll call my dad now and hear what he has to say” I said and Axel nodded with a deep sigh.


My hand dropped down sadly, letting my phone fall down. My eyes were wet. Axel noticed.

“What’s it?” Axel asked, worriedly.

“My dad…he- I paused, letting tears flow down my eyes.

Axel hugged me, and tapped my back gently.

“Talk to me” He said.

“He…he was sacked few minutes ago”


“Oh my God. What am I gonna do? I guess we should postpone it. Since he lost his job and isn’t feeling too great, I certainly shouldn’t do anything to fill his head”

Axel nodded. He released me and looked deeply into my eyes.

“Hold on” He muttered.
“I wanna make a quick call”

I wiped my tears and nodded. He pecked me lightly on my forehead and I watched him leave. He went outside and made a call.


“Hello?” Axel said.

“Axel,,, my wonderful son” Mr Wins laughed.

“You! What did you do!” Axel yelled.

“Mr Ire? I took a little care of him since his daughter decide to remain as a little filthy harlot”

“You… I’m gonna kill you” Axel growled.

“Thats if I don’t kill Rose first”


“Why don’t you check up on her first. You are gonna be shocked” He laughed.

“What did you-


“F*ck!” Axel screamed and ran back in.


The door opened and I slowly looked into Axel’s eyes and how well did he notice, I was fuming hard and well.

My eyes could tell…

“Why?…Axel,,, why?” I asked, with a vibrating voice.


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