Bad Boy’s Love season 2 episode 17

(Awakened Romance)

By Sommy Pearl F.

Chapter 17



Axel quickly boarded a taxi which took him quickly to the hospital.

He came down from the taxi briskly and went into the hospital. He looked around for Maggie but didn’t see her.

“Excuse me?” He halted a nurse.

“Yeah?” The nurse asked.

“Nurse Maggie. Do you know wh-

“Nurse Maggie?”

Axel quickly nodded.
“Yes, Yes”

“Nurse Maggie resigned, two weeks ago. She hasn’t been coming. Why are you asking of her though?”

“Nothing. Hmm… Thanks” Axel said.

He ran around and scattered his hair in frustration. He called her number thrice before she picked.

“Geez! Where have you been. Where are you?” He questioned.

He heard her inhale deeply.

“Meet me in Mr Wins office”


She cut the call.

Axel quickly ran back in. He went to his father’s office door and when he tried opening it, it couldn’t open.

He knocked.

“Axel?” He heard a small voice. It was Maggie’s.

“Yeah. Its me. Open” He said.

Maggie sighed sharply before opening the door.

“In! Fast! before someone sees us”

Axel walked in quickly and Maggie quickly locked the door with a key.

“How did you get that?” He asked.

“What? The key?”

He nodded.

She smiled shortly.
“I have my ways”

“And I heard you resigned”

She gulped and shook her head.
“That’s what Mr Wins wants them to believe. I ran after he made you do that cruel thing to me”

“I’m sorry. I-

“Its fine..He does that to me too. Maybe because I have no one to run to for help?”

“You can run to me. I’ll help you”

Maggie scoffed.
“Help your mother first. I know where that devil has been hiding her but I was scared to do anything. I had no one. But all I’ve been doing was wrong… Axel, you have to kill him…He isn’t what you think he is”

“Let me see her first, please. I’ll find a way”

Maggie sniffed and walked to the portrait hanging on the wall. She turned it sideways and the wall behind his desk opened.

“Go in. I’ll keep watch”

“You don’t have to be scared. He said he traveled”

“So as I heard. Rush in now, She needs you”

Axel nodded, and shifted the desk away before finally entering the opened wall.


“Mum!” Axel screamed.

Despite her pale and sick looking face, He could still recognize her.

She was bounded with shackles.

“Axel? Is that you?” She asked, dryily.

Tears dropped down his face. He nodded and knelt before her. They shared a tight hug and slowly disengaged.

“Mum… What happened?” He couldn’t stop crying.

She sighed deeply.

“Ssh. Don’t talk anymore. Let’s talk later. Let me rescue you first. I just need to break-

“Axel?” She called, as a tear ran down her eyes.

“Mum?” He answered.

“Listen to me” She said.

“Go on” He sniffed.

“Put me on record” She said.

Axel quickly did so.

“Is it recording?” She asked, looking at his phone. He nodded, with tees still rushing down his eyes.

“Okay,,,” She paused, cause the tears was just too much.

“He… isn’t your Dad” She said, straightforwardly.

“What? Who?”

“Mr Wins… He isn’t your father”

“What…do you mean?”

“He is your father’s identical twin. Jealousy made him kill your father and made him abduct me. He loved me but I didn’t. I loved his innocent and good brother instead. When he noticed that I got pregnant for your father, he took him hunting and killed him there…”

“….Dad” Axel voice shook.

“He came back home and said his brother got eaten by a boar. He promised me heaven on earth if we became family and i married him,,, What did i do? I never knew my decision was reckless and stupid”

“I told him to pretend to be his brother instead so that no one would talk. When we buried your real dad, we use his living brother name instead”


“When I eventually had my hands on a secret camera in the woods where they hunted and saw the truth… I was determined to end everything and tell the cops”

“However, he was smart and faster than me. He locked me up here and made you a man whore-

“How did know how smart and fast I am?” They heard a voice from behind.

They turned back to see Mr Wins looking at them with a gun on his hand.

“You monster. You aren’t even my real father!” Axel gnashed his teeth, standing up and shielding his mum.

Mr Wins chuckled and touched the trigger.

“How do you know about this place?” He asked.

“You’re quite foolish,, aren’t you?” Axel snickered.

“Who took you in here?!!” Mr Wins asked, aloud.

“I’m gonna kill you!” Axel screamed.

“Not until i kill 3 of you first”

“3 of us? 1,, 2,,, …No! Maggie!”

“Maggie?” Mr Wins narrowed his eyes.
“Was she the one who- He paused and scoffed.

“I’ll look for her and take care of her later…” He added.

“Then,, If she isn’t the one you were referring to. Who is this 3rd person?” Axel asked.

“Guess who?” He laughed.

“….Rose?” Axel opened his eyes.

“Yes. She must be dead by now” He glanced at his watch.

“No!” Axel screamed and stood up.

He took few steps away from him but stopped when he heard the sound of the flying bullet. A tear of pain ran down his eyes.


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