Bad Boys Love episode 19

(Toxic Romance)

By Sommy Pearl F.

Chapter 19



In class, I didn’t see Lily. I only saw Vin. When I asked,, where she was. He replied, he didn’t know.

I decided to see her later in the evening. It was so unusual for her to miss class.

After lectures for that day, I went to my hostel. I saw Julie reading a novel, in the room.

“Hey,, Julie… I’m back” I said.

She didn’t look at me. She simply nodded.

“What’s wrong Julie,, you have been avoiding me since Saturday afternoon. Did I do something wrong?” I asked.

She shook her head,, without looking back at me. I sighed, and went to the mini fridge, took out the fruit crunches and the dairy milk.

I poured the milk into a glass cup and poured a little of the fruit crunches into the bowl. I also took a condensed milk which I used in dissolving the crunches.

Few minutes later, I was done with eating. I kept everything away and stood up. I looked at Julie and she was still reading the novel.

“I’m leaving, Julie” I told her.

She finally looked at me.
“Where?” She asked.

I was quite suprised but, I replied anyways.

“I wanna see a friend”


“Huh?” I raised a brow.
“I said, a friend. What else apart from that do you wanna know?”

“A guy or a girl?” She asked.

“What’s wrong with you? It’s a girl,, if you really wanna know. A course mate of mine,, by name,, Lily”

“Okay then. There’s something I wanna tell you but thats after you are back”

I stared at her and nodded.

And with that said, I left.

Julie phone rang and she picked it after seeing who the caller was.

📲 Hello, Elvin?

📲 Wassup, Juliet…

📲 Call me, Julie now,, Elv…

📲 Why?

📲 No reason actually. I just prefer being called Julie.

📲 If you say so, Julie. Okay, actually,, I am now a student of your school!

📲 Wow! Really?

📲 Yup.

📲 Means my cousin and I will have to be seeing each other everyday!!

📲 I guess so.

📲 So, what do you major in?

📲 Philosophy…

📲 Cool!


“Hey, Lily… Stop crying” I consoled her, gently taping her back, while we were both seated,, on her bed.

“I feel so hurt” Lily didn’t stop crying.

“Why would you? His girlfriend is here now so Vin has the right to stop this friends with benefit stuff-

“But I love him!”

“What? You love who? Vin? I thought you told me, there wasn’t any special strings attached…”

“I don’t know but I think I fell for him. I wonder why he doesn’t feel the same”

“Lily,, This is insane. You actually fell with a guy who you took as a friend with benefit scheme, and you did likewise. So, why fall through?”

“How would I know? Love is unpredictable”

I rolled my eyes.
“Vin came to class and behaved like nothing happened,, while you are here wasting your tears… Geez!”

“It’s not your tears” She sniffed.

“Whatever. Anyways, you missed a lot together in class”

“How?,, What happened?” She asked.

“The assistant course rep came down from her post today,, so I and Ann were asked to be voted for. The highest votes would become the new assistant course rep”

Lily looked at me and said nothing. I blinked my eyes, surprised by the silence.

“Aren’t you curious, about the winner?” I asked.

“I know you won, young lady” She took her face down.

“How…did you know?” I widened my eyes.

“Good grief!” She slammed her palm against her forehead.

“Isn’t it obvious,, I saw it on the group chat”



I walked into the room exhausted. I saw Julie sitting on my bed, and immensely staring at the floor.


“Break up with Axel while I’m being nice” She suddenly said.

“Huh?” I forced a chuckle.
“What are you talking about? Did you drink?”

“I know about both of you! I thought you were wise! Can’t you see he’s just using you!” She yelled.

“July 13th,, you were the one he met that day at the club, I’m sure”

“I…don’t understand”

“Lemme explain then”

I blinked.

“That day, Axel and I were supposed to have s*x for the very first time. But being a virgin,, I was damn scared. He added a high libido drug in our coffee and he ended up having an excess s*x urge. I clearly begged him and told him I wouldn’t have s*x with him cause I wasn’t ready” She said.

“So, what…what are you trying to say?” I stuttered, trying to put the puzzles together.

“I asked him to go to a bar, and get a harlot whom he should sleep with instead. He left and saw you… You finally slept with Axel. He just wanted to terminate his urge using your p*ssy and that is all”

“Liar. He loves me! He changed! He wouldn’t do that! Who told you!” I proved, stubborn.

“Must someone tell you something obvious. Doesn’t it make sense? We were both talking about July 13th the other day. You just need to think well and fix the puzzles right”

“Also, the c*ndom he used that day and the perfume he used too,, were all mine”

“What? How did you-

“I’m smart brained. I found out. He used what I gave him to impress you, Rose. Can’t you see he’s gonna remain a bad boy? Open your eyes and see!”

“Oh goodness” I gasped, letting a tear slip down my eyes.

“Axel doesn’t deserve you. He once called girls who bears roses cheap and easy…”

“I think that part has been settled. He…wait,, did he tell you that?” I asked.

“Yeah… Afterwards, he slept with you. It happened that same day”

Then I remembered the word he told me that day,, that made tears run down my eyes.

*I love Roses*

As Julie later explained?

*….Because they were easy and cheap?*

Now,, I knew why…


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