Bad Boys Love episode 9

(Toxic Romance)

By Sommy Pearl F.

Chapter 9



“Why did you f*cking have s*x with me when you were dating Julia!!?” I yelled.

He bit his lips hard.

“And don’t you dare tell me, its cause you are a bad boy”

He looked away before looking back at me, with that serious look.

“Why not ask Julia, yourself? She has the answers to your questions” He replied, with a serious voice too.

“No,, I want you to tell me” I quickly said.

“I thought she’s your roomie. Ask her yourself” He said, and left.

I folded my lips and inhaled deeply. I looked around and saw the ultimate darkness. I even heard the loud chipping of insects.

It was scary.

“Wait for me!” I yelled and ran off,, to meet him.

The Next Morning**

It was a Saturday so there was no lectures. I stayed back home and so did, Julie.

We prepared cornflakes and slowly ate from our fancy looking bowls on our different beds.

“Rose?” She called.

I looked at her.

“How was it?” She asked.

I ate another spoonful and swallowed it before asking;


“Yesterday night. I mean the club” She muttered, looking at her bowl.

“I don’t know” I answered.

She looked at me and chuckled.
“Hey,, why wouldn’t you know?”

“I was forced there so there wasn’t a possibility that my mind would be there” I said.

“Oh,, Dana and Ann at their worst again. Don’t pay attention to them next time and just simply ignore them”

I nodded.
“Will do that”

Julie nodded and tried to take a spoonful of cornflakes into her mouth when my statement paused her.

“I saw Axel at the club” I said.

She blinked her eyes and slowly took her hand down. She dropped the spoon back into the bowl and looked at me.

“And why are you telling me that?” She asked, with a forced smile.

“Why? You hate him now?” I asked.

“I’m okay… Don’t want to eat anymore” She said, and stood up. She dropped the bowl on the table and covered it.

She tried to leave…

“Why not tell me why you gave him your virginity? Did he force you?”

She quickly looked at me.
“He’s not the type to force…”

“So, why? Why are you being a coward”

“What?… Hey,, watch your mouth” She warned.

“Julie,, tell me everything. Like f*ck,, I think everyone knows but why can’t I?”

“Cause we aren’t close?”

“We are at least roomies” I said.

“Roomies aren’t closies” She said, and opened the door.

“If you tell me what happened,, I’m gonna tell you what transpired between I and Axel… before we even met in school”

“What’s that?” She asked, before turning her eyes to me.

“You curious right? What to do? I’m curious as well” I smiled.


Julie sat on my bed, and I looked at her though her eyes fell on my bed.

“It happened on July 13th” She murmured.

My eyes opened widely. July 13th? That was I and Nolan’s first anniversary. That was the day I slept with Axel….

“So,, what happened?” I asked, with my widened opened eyes.

“Firstly, let me start from when he asked me out on a date. I was falling for Axel then,, even though he had a girlfriend. The day he broke up with her, everyone knew about it and I was so happy. His girlfriend was actually Dana”

“I went to his hostel one night to give him food when I decided to pour my heart to him”

Flash Back***

Axel was on his bed, making a tiktok video when he heard a knock. He looked at the door angrily, with his brows arcing. He wasn’t expecting anyone so who could that be?

“Who’s that?” He asked, and kept his phone. He slowly walked to door and opened it.

For the first time, Juile’s eyes locked with his. He looked at her from head to toe before asking;

“Who are you?”

“I’m Juliet” She answered.

“I don’t know you” He said, keeping a straight look with her.

Julie blinked her eyes.

“Wait… Are you the Dana and Ann’s lackey?” He asked.

Julie blinked her eyes.
“Cause I follow them?… No,, I’m not their lackey” She shook her head.

“They are really annoying. So, why do what they ask you to. They pressure you a lot. Why are you even so submissive to them?”

Julie looked down.

“What are you doing here by the way?” He asked.

Julie said nothing. She stretched her hand towards him. She was holding a polythene bag.

“What’s in there?” He asked.

“A food flask. I prepared some dishes and decided to share them with you”

“Oh,, I see. Thanks” He said, and took it.

Julie looked at him for a while and looked down. Axel inhaled deeply.

“Is there anything you wanna say?” He asked.

“Huh?..No” She replied.

“Okay then” Axel replied, and made to walk away but Julie quickly grabbed his arm.

He slowly turned to her.

“What’s it, Juliet?” He asked.

“I like you, Axel” She confessed, slowly,, looking down.

Axel looked at her after looking at her hand. He wasn’t moved cause he wasn’t surprised.
“So, what do you want?” He asked.

“Date me” She whispered.

“I date girls with unique names” He whispered.

Julie slowly looked at him.
“What?” She whispered.

“Don’t you think Juliet is old fashioned?” He whispered.

Julie slowly let her hand slip away from his.
“That’s my name and I think I like-

“What do you think of Julie?” He asked, with a smile.


“Julie. I like that” He whispered.

Juliet swallowed hard.
“Okay then. I like it too,, Julie”

He nodded and stroked her hair.
“Julie, If you can’t beat them,, why not join them”


“I’m talking about those two. Dana and Ann”

Juliet blinked her eyes and looked at his chest.

“By the way,, I can’t eat this alone,, you wanna join me? Come on in”

Present Time**

“That was when I knew he accepted my request to be my girlfriend” Julie explained.

“So… You got these piercings and tattoo and even changed your name cause of Axel. You f*cking changed your lifestyle cause of him?” I asked, blinking my eyes fast.

“Yup” She nodded and I shook my head.


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