Bad Boys Love episode 17

(Toxic Romance)

By Sommy Pearl F.

Chapter 17



I slowly opened my eyes. The first place my eyes saw was the dark sky from the window. There was enough stars the night,, but no moon.

I sighed deeply.
“I’m f*cking late” I thought,, and looked at the body close to me. It was Axel.

His hand was around me,, tightly. I was close to his body,, that our bodies were even colliding.

“Axel?” I called, gently.

“Hmm?” He answered,, softly,, taking my body the more into his arms.

“I’m late,, gotta go” I whispered.

He slowly opened his eyes and looked at my face. I looked up, back at him.

“Stay with me,, for only tonight” He whispered.

“What if your father or a nurse walks in? I didn’t even tell Julie I would be spending the night outside”

“She doesn’t have to know and I don’t care if anyone sees us. The nurses won’t say anything and as for my dad… Ugh! Mr Wins can go to hell for all I care” Axel grunted.

“Hey,, he’s your father!”

“Don’t care… like he even cared I was his son. Please,, Rose,, just stay with me here. No one is gonna see us here,, Unlike at school, and even the hostel,, lots of eyes are watching us, you know”

I sighed and nodded.
“Okay then. I’m gonna stay for only tonight,, and leave as early as dawn,, okay?”

“Got that, roses” He smiled, and kissed my forehead.

I giggled. We looked at each other deeply like we both depended on the stares.

“Axel… I love you” I whispered.

He blinked his eyes and swallowed hard.

“Won’t you reply?” I asked, with a slight frown,, after watching him for 15 seconds.

He sighed deeply.
“I’ve never told anyone I Love You, before”

“What? You must be joking. Weren’t you the one,, who kept telling me,, you think you love me?” I arched my brows.

“Both sentences are different. I love you sounds too serious. I’ve never told anyone that,, except my mother” He told me.

“Well, you can tell me that now. lemme be the second woman you say that to” I said.

“I…I…” He stopped,, and paused quickly. He was forcing the words right out from his mouth.

“I’m sorry,, I can’t say it. Give me time,, okay?” He said,, patting my hair back.

I sighed, and nodded.
“Okay then… but I don’t wanna wait too long”

I dipped my head on his chest,, and tightened my arms around his waist.

“Axel?” I called.

“Yes, roses?” He replied.

“You know we ought to keep our love and romance a secret from others no matter what”

“Hmm… Sure”

“You had better not hmm. Cause I’m being serious. I don’t wanna leave school cause I broke a stupid promise. Never knew I would fall in love with you,, this way”

“Don’t worry. Our relationship is safe with us”

“If anyone finds out about us,, its gonna be dangerous for me. You won’t even be in trouble. so, we need to be careful for my sake”

“Alright, babe. What a dangerous romance we have here” He sighed.

“Sure… quite toxic” I muttered, and we both dozed off,, in each other arms.


Weeks went by,, and we managed to keep our secret from everyone,, despite the tight surveillance in the school.

It was the romance for me though, Axel was the king of romance and indeed,, my perfect ideal man. And of course,, we did had a lot of s*x,, with protections though.

He was also a jealous type. He would always cause nuisance to guys who were under my tail,, in a stylish manner.

A Saturday**

“Are you dating someone?” Julie suddenly asked me.

I raised my eyes from my phone, and my smile vanished.
“Huh?” I muttered.

“It seems you are dating someone? Is it Pete? Nah,, he’s a jerk,, just like you explained. Is it those crushes? Tell me,, who’s the lucky guy?”

“What are you saying? I’m not dating anyone,, please” I chuckled, nervously.

“I can see it on your face. You know I’m your roommate and I know a lot about you. Anyways,, its just a matter of time before I find out who he is” She winked,, after adding her eye liner.

I swallowed hard.

“Where are you going to now?” I asked.

“Well,, I have a blind date” She replied.

“Wow. wish you luck” I said.

“Thank you” She smiled and left.

I sighed,, in relief and brought the phone back to my face. I was messaging Axel.

📨 Julie just left, huh?

“Huh? How did he know? Is he watching me now?” I chuckled,, and looked around.

📨 How do you know that?

I sent the message.

📨 I ought to know. You are my babe.

📨 Hey,, be serious. Lol

📨 Check your window.

I quickly took my phone down, and threw my face out of the window. You know,, my bed is close to the window.

I saw Axel hanging on it.

“What…are you doing??…Geez,, Axel!”

“Open the window already” He winched.

I sighed deeply and shook my head,, before letting him in.


Axel’s arm was around me, from behind. We laid on the bed, at the sides of our body. He raised his head, and kissed my neck,, and I chuckled,, after feeling the effect.

“What about a quickie?” He asked, in a whisper.

“Hey,, you want Julie to-

“She won’t see us… Thats why I called it a quickie” He smiled.

I turned my body over,, and looked at his face,, which was now up,, looking at me.

I smiled and nodded.

“By the way, Axel? You changed your perfume?” I asked.

Axel blinked and forced a smile.
“Yeah,, my old one just finished…” He said.

“Oh” I muttered.

He kissed my lips,, and I returned the kiss with my arms,, slowly wrapping against his shoulder.

He broke the kiss,, and took his lips to my neck,, which he surrounded with his pecks. I slowly shut my eyes and kept my arms on his back.

He raised me up and kept me on this thighs. We looked at each other tenderly before he raised my shirt, up,, leaving me bare up there. I wasn’t wearing any br*.

He took his mouth to my n*pples,, and melted his tongue on it. I moaned, while he kept taking it in for few minutes.


We were now stripped n*ked. We looked at each other with smiles. He kissed me shortly, and made me,, slowly ride him on top, while he slammed me hard and fast from my bed,, where he laid.


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