Bad Boys Love episode 15

(Toxic Romance)

By Sommy Pearl F.

Chapter 15



As we kept deepening our kiss,, I felt my butt now sitting on his thighs.

From there,, he slowly laid me down on the sofa. He broke the kiss and I looked at him from where I laid. My eyes were already at its corners.

I pushed my head in order to take his fresh, soft and sweetened lips again but he looked away.

I blinked my eyes and realized,, I was wrong. Was I possessed or something?


“Can we have s*x?” He asked, cutting me short.

“What?” I retorted.

“Do you wanna have s*x with me?” He asked, again.

“Are we a thing?” I asked, slowly.

He stared at me,, without replying.

“Why would we have s*x? Are we a thing?” I asked, again.

“Do you love me?” I asked, quickly.

I raised my head, and looked at him.

“Answer my question. Why would you bring s*x into this? I don’t even know why I kissed you. We both know,, many eyes are watching us. We are under tight surveillance here right now. I shouldn’t even be here”

“I.. think I’m in love with you” I heard his low, soft voice.

I raised my eyes to him and swallowed hard.
“What did you say?” I asked, wondering if it was my hallucination at work.

“I think,, I’m in love with you, Rose.. I’ve never ever felt this way before” He continued using that low, and soft voice that almost turned me on.

“Why are you saying that,, all of the sudden? Think? In love?? with who? Me?? What has come over y-

His lips settled on mine, unexpectedly allowing me to stop talking. He licked my lower lip, softly before taking possession of my tongue.

I felt my eyes closing slowly, and gently against all odds. I slowly rested my back on the sofa again,, and he broke the kiss again.

I took my eyes down, and saw him already taking off his belt. I opened my eyes widely and quickly held it right there.

“Wha…What are you…do…doing?” I stammered.

“Can I put it in?” He asked, softly.

Is Axel is crazy? Why…would he say that??…

I’m already crazy. I quickly took my head up.

“Do you love me or you just wanna f*ck my p*ssy?” I asked, not thinking twice.

“Both” He replied.

I blinked my eyes, wondering,, what kind of blurt was that. Wasn’t he rather too honest and sincere?

“Are you crazy?” I asked.

“I’m crazy for you” He whispered, gently.

I glared at him.
“Axel,, what are we?” I asked.

“What do you think we are?” He asked.

I pushed him off and stood up.
“I’m leaving and everything that happened today is a mistake. A big one. Please,, do forget about it” I said, and took my bag.

I wore the face cap and mask, adjusted my dress and made to leave,, after turning around when his voice stopped me.

“I’ve never been in a normal relationship before, Rose”

“Help me… Just teach me. Lemme love you right” He added.

I shook my head, and left without looking back at him.

With his character, he can never be in a normal relationship!

Two Days Later**

“Hey,, girl” Ann called.

I looked at her, and saw Dana beside her. Their arms were crossed,, against their stomach.

I stopped and looked at them.

“Rose,, eyy?” Dana eyed me.

“Do you have a better name?” I asked.

Dana scoffed.

“Whatever. I ain’t here for your rants” She said.

“Then,, if you aren’t here and ready for my rants,, lemme take my leave” I said, and took two steps when-

“Axel is in the hospital” Ann said.

I turned to her.

“Its been two days already” Ann said.

“So,, why are you telling me?” I asked.

“Just wanted to know how far you hate him,, not to love him” Dana chuckled.

I snarled and walked away.

On my way, I saw Pete. He stopped when he was me,, therefore,, blocking my way.

I rolled my eyes, and glared at him,, crossing my arms on my stomach.
“What do you want?” I asked.

“I want to apologize for that day. I ruined our date” Pete said.

“Date? What date? I don’t remember going on a date with a loser like you” I said, quickly.

“Axel was the mastermind! That devil lured Vivian there. He-

“I’m glad he did. If not,, I would have fallen for a taken man. Why did you take me on a f*cking date when you were someone’s man!”

“I’m sorry but you were too beautiful and good to resist…”

“You are pathetic” I hissed.

“Anyways,, I’m glad Axel is stuck in that hospital. He won’t be getting free p*ssies for a while now and he might even learn to mind his own business”

I quickly grabbed his collar.
“Take that back” I angrily said.

“Wh…at?” He stuttered.

“I said,, take…that…back” I said, pronouncing each word, stressfully.

“I take it back,, I’m sorry” He quivered.

I inhaled deeply and let my hand off,, his collar. By now,, students were beginning to stare.

“Follow me” I ordered.


“I said,, follow me,,, now!”

I walked out and he followed. I made him follow me outside,, to the backyard,, close to the garden.

“Which hospital is that?” I asked.

“What?” He widened his eyes.

“I said,,which hospital is that? The hospital Axel was admitted. You seem to know. Besides,, he’s your course mate”

“Why do you care?”

“You wanna talk about it or you want me to talk about how you asked me out,, despite having a girlfriend. You know I’m viral online so just some clicks on my phone,, and I might make you the hated person online and even in school”

He swallowed hard.
“His dad’s hospital…”

“Wha…at?… The name?”

“Wins’ Hospital”


That’s really Axel Wins’ father hospital…


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