Bad Boys Love episode 16

(Toxic Romance)

By Sommy Pearl F.

Chapter 16



I slowly walked into the hospital with my flat slippers. I had a cap worn on my head,, over an orange short free gown.

I walked to the nurse on the desk and she welcomed me with a smile.

“How may I help you,, Miss?” She asked.

“Actually,, I’m here for- I paused, and cleared my throat.

“Axel… Where’s his ward?”

The nurse scanned her eyes on me,, thoroughly and arched her brows.
“And you are?” She asked.

“Huh?.. I’m Axle’s…huh…

“Course mate?” She asked.

“Huh?” I opened my eyes widely.

“Isn’t that it? You can go to his ward now. 5 of his course mates just visited him”

“What! Really?”

“Yeah. Why are you surprised though?”

“Hmm… Nothing. Just…Its just… Please,, are they gone?”


“His course mates. Are they gone?”

“Yeah. 20 minutes ago”

“Okay then” I nodded, and adjusted my cap. I walked away but she quickly called;

“Axel’s Coursemate!”


I quickly ran to her,, and adjusted the car the more,, covering the other side of my face with my hand.

“What’s it?” I asked.

“I’ve not told you his ward number yet”

I widened my eyes.

“What’s it? I asked.

“VIP ward,, 35” She smiled.


I knocked the metal brown, beautiful expensive door twice before hearing Axel’s voice.

“Who’s that?” He grunted.

“Its me” I replied, lowly, placing my mouth close to the door.

“What? Who?” He asked.

“Its me… Its-

I paused,, immediately when the door open. It was however too late to do anything. My body fell on Axel and my pouted lips which I was using to speak, sat on his opened chest.

While my lips were glued to his chest, I took my eyes up to him.

“Rose?” He arched his brows and took me away from his chest.

“What are you doing here? How did you know I was here?” He asked, with a smile.

I nervously smiled, and looked at his left arm. It was fixed with a running drip, over a standing stainless rod.

I looked at his chest, and gulped.

“Wear something” I said, and walked to the chair,, close to the bed. I sat down on it and he rubbed his chest.

He locked the door and walked to the bed, where he sat down on.

“How did you-

“Forget about that. You are really stubborn,, you know?”


“I told you,, we should take you to the hospital but you declined!”

“I didn’t know the illness was like this. When you left,, my temperature doubled. Seems your presence was the reason for my good health then. Even now,, as you are here with me,, I feel so much better” He smiled.

I shook my head, and touched his forehead.
“You are getting better, though”

I took my hand down and looked at his face.
“Your dad owns this hospital? Is that the reason why you didn’t want me to take you to the hospital? You were avoiding him?” I asked.

He looked down.
“I really hate him..”


“He called my mother cheap and easy and he put that idealism in my head. I guess he caught her cheating on him, that’s why”


“Her name is Rose,, just like you. He said roses were cheap and easy. He made me grow up thinking so. Up till now,, I can’t throw away the idealism”

“Wait? So,, you think I’m ch-

“Oh no,, not anymore” He whispered.

“What did you say?” I asked,, since i didn’t hear his statement.

“Forget about it,, Anyways,, my mum gave birth to me out of wedlock. She’s a mistress. My dad married another woman who bore him another son”

“Oh…,, guess you hate him”

“Sure thing. Not sure if he’s even my father. He loves me no doubt but he doesn’t love my mother,, making me not to love him back”

He looked down,, and I saw a tear run down his eyes. He wiped it quickly. I sighed, and hugged him, sitting down on the bed now.

“It’s fine” I muttered.

He rested his head on my boobs as he hugged me tight. We slowly let go of each other,, though our arms were still around each other.

We looked deeply at each other when Axel suddenly pecked my lips,, which sounded loudly,, bringing sparks to my whole body.

He licked his lips and smiled.
“Your lip balm tastes like berry”

I smiled, and took my head down to his chest. I kissed his middle chest and looked up at him, and licked my lower lip.
“Your body cream tastes like carrot”

He smiled and slowly laid me on the bed. He was about to kiss me when the support drip which was injected to his hand stopped him.

He quickly snapped it off and I gasped loudly.

“Hey! What are you doing?”

“I told you,, if you are with me,, I feel much better. You don’t have to get worried”

I giggled, and his lips finally came on mine. We kissed passionately,, and I couldn’t help smiling while kissing him.

His hand which was resting on my thighs,, slowly went underneath.

I opened my eyes widely but I didn’t push him off. No one would see us here? Would they? Here wasn’t tight surveillanced,, just like school.

I felt his finger push away my p*nties,, and I opened my mouth,, allowing the kiss to discontinue.

His fingers slowly danced along my cl*ts and I couldn’t help but pant hard. I watched him with a stare,, which I couldn’t apprehend.

“F*ck” I muttered, when I felt his finger slid into my honeypot.

He smiled and kissed me. I wanted to ask “What were we?” but I was already out of the world.

He slowly it on me brieftly before taking his finger out,, and with his arms I saw him pull down his shorts.

I watched him, till he was starked naked. and when he was,, I looked at his face.

He laid on top of me,, gently and covered the bedsheets on our body.

He took off my p*nties in that way. I was wearing a short free gown so it was easy. He stared at me.

“Should I?” He asked.

I nodded quietly.

“If I put it in now,, you are officially mine” He whispered.

I looked at him with a lovely stare. I smiled and nodded.

I slowly felt it slide into mine. I groaned, and seized the sheet clenching onto it tightly. He slowly thrusted on me,, and I moaned lowly… till the scene closed.


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