Bad Boys Love episode 5

(Toxic Romance)

By Sommy Pearl F.

Chapter 5



“Are you nuts?!” I yelled.

“What do you take me for? Oh… I guess you think I’m cheap because you had s*x with me”

“You are the only girl I’m being sincere with. I would ask other girls to date me but I’m asking you to be my s*x partner. I’m just being blunt and honest” He said.

“Keep your honesty to yourself! You think s*x is everything in a relationship?” I asked.

“Isn’t that why most people enter a relationship. S*x? Money?” He asked.

Well,, sorry to burst your bubble but not everyone is like you. Most people wants love” I said.

“What’s the need of love when its all about s*x? Why date when you can be f*ck mates?” He continued.

“Like I said before, most people just want love”

“Just like your boyfriend, Nolan?” He asked.

I widened my eyes, looking at him.
“How…how do you-

“You told me your story that day we had s*x in the hotel room. You just wouldn’t stop swearing and hurling cuss words at him”

I guess I was partially drunk then.

“I hate you!” I snapped.

He blinked his eyes.

“You took advantage of a drunk girl. You’re a luna.tic” I said.

“Why blame me? You asked for it” He smiled.

“A*s.hole!” I said, and stormed away.


I breathed deeply, in and out before opening the door.

I saw Julie laying down on the bed, using her phone.

“Heyyyy” I told her.

She looked at me and smiled.
“You back?”

I nodded.
“You were at home all day?” I asked.

“Yup” She replied, and took her eyes back to her phone.

“Why? You had no claas?” I asked.

I already knew why she didn’t go to class. It was because she was getting screwed by the bad boy that morning.

I guess she was still in pains like I felt the first time he did it to me.

“We broke up” She burst the bubble.

I walked to her and sat down.
“Why? Did anything happen?” I asked.

“Nothing. I felt it was useless dating him. Don’t mind me when I said I wanted him to have s*x with me first. I guess I was out of my mind then” She said.

“So, you didn’t sleep with him?” I asked.

“Didn’t even bother” She replied.

I wondered why she had to lie when she was loyal to me then. I guess the embarrassment caused it.

“Rose?” She called.

I looked at her and sure enough,, she was looking back at me.

“No matter what happens,, never date him” She said.

I opened my eyes widely.
“Who?” I asked.

“Axel. He might ask you out. A probability of 79%. But, just in case, he does ask you out,, you should decline him. Say no. It’s just an advice”

I nodded.

“You ought to say Yes. Don’t just nod” She laughed.

“Didn’t they say action is mightier than words. I did the needful” I said, and she chuckled.

“Anyways, Just say you won’t date him. Besides, I trust you won’t date your friend’s ex,, would you?”

“Sure,, I won’t,, why would I?” I asked.

She smiled and went back to her phone. I laid down my back on my bed and opened my book where I memorized and read the day jottings.

Afterwards, I went to my phone, checked my messages on WhatsApp and Facebook before proceeding to Tiktok,, my favorite social media app.

I noticed a new notification instantly and checked it. Someone was now following me. I had just 900 followers… making it 901.

I showcase my talent on tiktok and that’s singing.

Anyways, I went to the new follower and checked the profile. His username was Axxxel.

“Geez” I muttered after finding out it was Axel. I gasped aloud when I saw he had 15.2 million followers.

What the…

“F*ck!” I gasped, and almost threw my phone.

Julie turned to me.
“What’s it?” She asked.

I looked at her and shook my head.
“Nothing” I replied and looked back at my phone.

He was a freaking f*cking influencer and model of tiktok. I clicked on one of video post and watched it. I was on earpiece.

In the video, he was so damn handsome and s*xy. He was imitating a voice where his lips was suddenly zoomed to the camera. He would smirk, lick his lip, bit it and do all crazy things which were all s*xy.

I felt my heart beat racing fast. He is so hot.

I checked the comments, it was 5 million comments. The few ones I read was;

👨 Bro, I wanna be like you!

👩 I wanna kiss that lipssss

👩 Date me!

👨 I’m gay. You wanna date?

👩 I really love you. All the way from London!

👨 Bad boy!! I hail thee

👩 Be my boyfriend, please,, I’m begging you,, please.

👨 Your videos are the best.

👨 Dude, wanna be like you. You are like my role model

👩 You’re f*cking hot and handsome. I want you to be my boyfriend. Promise you s*x everyday.

I was kinda pissed on some girls’ comments.

I also didn’t realize when I commented “Cute”

I let my phone fall off my hand and it landed right on my face. F*ck,, what did I just do. Did I just comment cute. What cute? He isn’t cute!!

Wait? What? Like what…what the hell did I just do? Why did I say that? What came over me!!.

Suddenly, I heard a knock. I opened my eyes widely.

Could it be him? Did he see it? What am I gonna do?

I swallowed hard and behaved like I was sleeping while Julie stood up and went to open the door.

Oh no,,, pretty please… be someone,, not Axxxel,, so much for a username. He’s a lover of s*x,, what am I expecting?


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