Bad Boys Love episode 2

(Toxic Romance)

By Sommy Pearl F.

Chapter 2



I slowly raised my eyelids and my long and natural lashes reacted well. I noticed I was covered with the white duvet while my hair was scattered around. I was practically n***d underneath,, starked big time.

My memories of laast night came flushing in. The memories of last night. How I asked a total stranger to sleep with me.

“F*ck” I muttered and placed my hand on my forehead.

“And he did sleep with me? Where’s he by the way?” I thought and stood up.

I looked around, and even went into the restroom but he wasn’t there.

“Hold on? Did he just steal my virginity and zoomed off?” I almost cried.

And it because of Nolan! J**k!

“So, out of all people, I was the one who eventually got a night stand… pathetic” I muttered.

“That tattoo a*shole! That was my f*cking first s*x! Why did he need to leave me this way and hurt my feelings? I’m really a fool. Damn him… I hope we never cross path ever again”

Though, I wouldn’t deny he was good and I enjoyed all of it.

A week later***

Nolan never contacted me and I didn’t too. Why would I?

He was the main reason I had a night stand, breaking my treasured virginity.

By the way, I never talked about my family, did I?

I live with my parents, Mr & Mrs Ire. I’m the only child and that’s why they pampered me in a good and conservative way. They didn’t want to regret raising their only child.

I’m an introvert. You hardly find me outside. I only go to classes, and choir practice at my church. I rarely attend parties, club or sleepovers.

Maybe, because I have no friends?

I attend services very well though. It’s part of my weekly routine. When I went to that bar that day, I was kind of out of it… Nolan was the cause, simple. That was even my first of stepping my legs into a bar.

That morning, I and my parents were enjoying a simple breakfast of omelette and milk drink.

“Shouldn’t we tell her now, hunny?” I heard my mum ask my dad.

I raised my eyes to them as I slowly shook a spoonful into my mouth.

My dad looked at me and sighed.

“What’s it about?” I asked, quite worried.

“We are relocating” My dad’s words came straightforward with a smooth voice.

I took down the spoonful of omelette I was trying to eat.

“I… don’t understand. Why are we moving? Isn’t California a good place? How do you expect me to even stop school and choir practice here?” I asked.

“We already completed your transfer, darling” My mum said.

“Hold on. I don’t understand. What transfer?” I asked.

“You do know relocating means you have to change your school. You are gonna be a transfer student soon” My dad said.

I inhaled deeply.
“Why wasn’t i told earlier about this? It seems you’ve been preparing all this for a while now” I asked.

“We were waiting for the right time to tell you” My mum said.

I scoffed. I was kind of relieved though. I wouldn’t be seeing Nolan for a while.

“Where are we moving to?” I asked.

3 Days Later, After Relocation***

I can’t believe I am now a student in the prestigious university in Washington DC,, Bridgeford’s University.

Mum already addressed me on where I would find my room. I was getting a lounge now since my new place was quite far from school.

Dad didn’t want to drive me to school cause he was avoiding being late to his own workplace. As if driving mum to work wasn’t enough.

Well, my mum already had my things arranged in my lounge room. Including my food stuffs.

After asking around and walking for a while, I looked at the door with the number 69 in front of me and knocked.

It took exactly good 10 minutes before the door was opened. I saw a girl whose nose were pierced on each side. Her both ears had 5 piercings.

She wore a crazy jean shorts. She also had a white crop top on. Her navel had a long ornament fixed on it. Seems she pierced her belly button. Well…

Her hair was black and soft, just like mine. Her lips were really shaped. like it was pouting.

She had a tattoo on her arm, a small one… it was a heart tattoo.

“You’re Rose, right?” She asked me, bringing me back from my thoughts.

“Yes” I nodded.
“I’m Rose Ire” I forced a smile.

“Cool. you’re my roommate. come in” She winked. I followed her and gently shut the door.

“You’re beautiful in person, Rose” She told me, with her hands in her pocket as she walked to her bed, without looking back at me.

“Thank you” I smiled.

“I’m Julie by the way. Juliet… but I prefer Julie. Juliet is old fashioned” She laughed.

I chuckled. She looked fun and nice.

I watched her climb on her bed. She was on her laptop and I began to hear moans and groans.

I finally knew she was watching p*rn. It was obvious. Like damn, is she comfortable? I’m here… durh! I felt so uncomfortable,, like seriously.

I sighed and went to my bed. I sat on it opened my school bag pack, checking if my things were intact.

I could hardly concentrate cause of the immoral sounds. Why did my parents get me this girl as a roommate. I have to talk to them.

We heard a knock later on.

Julie paused the video and I looked at her. Her bed was by my side, at the other wall. I was close to the window. She was close to the wall.

“Are we getting another roommate?” I asked.

Julie smiled and shook her head.
“Nah, that’s my boyfie”

“Oh” I muttered and looked away.

She sure gets screwed every weekend, huh? She got a boyfriend and she’s a porn freak so…

Julie stood up and went to the door which she opened. A guy walked in and she hugged him tightly.

“I missed you” I heard her say.

I turned my head over to look at them and my heart skipped. Her boyfriend looked familiar…

That was because he was the one I slept with,, my night stand!

“But how… why… I mean,, it’s-

I was so confused and speechless.

From the hug, he raised his eyes and looked at me.

Suddenly, he smiled slyly though it was a bit cute. I blinked my eyes and he unexpectedly winked at me.

Julie broke the hug and looked at him and I quickly looked away.

My nightmare came back….


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