Bad Boys Love episode 14

(Toxic Romance)

By Sommy Pearl F.

Chapter 14



I quickly stood upright. I looked at Axel and he looked back.

“How was your date?” He asked.

I scoffed.
“Such sarcasm”

I left and he followed. We were now outside.

I turned and faced him.
“Are you following me, right now?” I queried.

“Does it seem so? I’m only going home” He replied.

“Did you stalk me?” I asked.

“Isn’t follow the right word?” He asked, with a sly smile.

“You nuts? Why would you follow me?” I asked.

“I wanted to expose who Pete really is. Shouldn’t you be glad?” He asked.

“Gla…what?” I shook my head.

“Vivian is dating Pete. You saw that yourself. I actually took Vivian’s number today, and she gave me without a second thought. I called her here, and made her see the unexpected. Didn’t see that coming, huh?” He chuckled.

I was in rage already.
“You…are an a*s.h*le” I blurted, stressing my words, sharply.


“All guys are a*s.h*les!” I yelled, at his face.

“All guys? Does it mean,, your dad isn’t different?” He asked, quietly.

“What?” I cooed.

“Why? Isn’t that what you mea-

Before he could pronounce the -nt,, I already slapped him hard,, on his right cheek.

His face reacted by moving to the left, slightly. He licked the inner right side of his cheek with his tongue before looking back at me.

I still felt this,, this,, I don’t know,,, painful rage.

I looked at him with a hard, and cold glare and just then, I slapped him again,, on that same right cheek.

“Oww” He winched.

He looked at me, and chuckled.
“You slap hard,, you kn-

I raised my hand again, towards his face to slap him. However,, he caught my hand quickly,, raising it on mid air.

He looked at me briefly and turned his left cheek over.

“At least,, slap me here. The right is beginning to hurt” He said.

I said nothing. When he saw I wasn’t in the mood, he kept my hand down,, and let go off it.

He looked at me and sighed.

“Rose,, I-

*Pahh!* That was my hand again,, sounding across his right cheek.

Axel almost stumbled. He looked at me, and I turned away. I slowly walked away.

When I was already leaving,, I heard a loud thud,, followed by screams…

I quickly turned around to see Axel on the floor.

What the-

How come??


I and Axel were now in the taxi. He rested his head on my laps. I looked at his right cheek. It was looking so reddish.

I didn’t know this would happen.

I sighed, and touched his forehead. He was so f*cking burning hot. I nearly screamed. His temperature could boil a whole kettle of water.

It’s my fault!

“Driver,, please hurry to the hospital” I sobbed.

Axel quickly held my hand which was still on his forehead.

“No,, please,, not the hospital” He pleaded.

“What?” I muttered.

“Take me home,, please” He said.

“But you are…

“Please,, just take me home” He whispered, sickly.

I inhaled deeply.
“Please take me to Chad’s hostel”


To avoid anyone seeing I and Axel together, I bought a face mask,, alongside a face cap.

I couldn’t leave Axel on his own cause he was weak and could hardly walk.

Though it wasn’t that simple,, I was able to take Axel to his room,, as he directed.

“Ugh!” I placed him on the sofa.

He sighed heavily and rested properly on the sofa.

“Where are your drugs?” I asked.

He shook his head.
“I don’t have any”

“What!” I shouted, amidst my panting.

“Then,, then,, why did you ask me to bring you here. Going to the hospital would have been better” I added, stomping my feet.

“No. I’m gonna be better after I rest” He whispered, and shut his eyes.

I sighed deeply, and searched his things. I took out a small towel,, and got cold water which I poured in a bowl.

35 Minutes Later**

“This kind of works.. Rest alongside,, using cold water” I smiled.

He weakly opened his eyes.
“I told you” He muttered.

“Since you are quite better,, let me take my leave..” I said, and stood up but he suddenly grabbed my waist from behind,, hugging me.

I blinked my eyes,, not bothering to turn back to him.
“What’s it?” I asked.

“I’m hungry. Please,, make something light for me to eat” He said.


We both ate the noodles from the same plate. I kept stealing glances at him.

“I guess you are really better now” I said, and took another string of noddle.

He smiled and nodded.
“Just a bit weak” He said, taking his own string as well.

We paused,, when we felt something weird. We looked at each other,, and saw we had the same string of noddle in our mouth.

At each side, our mouth tightly held onto it. I looked at him deeply and blinked my eyes.

He slowly took the string into his mouth,, and I could feel him coming closer to me.

I didn’t let go of the string. Just didn’t know why… I only watched him.

We suddenly got to close,, that we could heard our breaths.

“Rose?” He called.

I raised my lashes and looked at him.

“You wanna come closer?” He asked.

What were we doing? I mean,, what was I doing?,, I shouldn’t be doing this…

I swallowed hard,, and felt the remaining string entering in. I moved closer and we both slowly took it in, coming closer to our bodies.

Suddenly,, our lips crashed. My whole vibrated,, and I felt my heart beat,, jump.

He slowly began to kiss me,, what sweetness! His kissing didn’t fade away. It had this unique taste,, and passion drive.

I didn’t want him to stop. I quickly returned the kiss and kept my left hand, rest on his chest,, while his hand stayed on my cheeks.

Was this….love?


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