Bad Boys Love episode 10

(Toxic Romance)

By Sommy Pearl F.

Chapter 10



“So… You got these piercings and tattoo and even changed your name cause of Axel. You f*cking changed your lifestyle cause of him?” I asked, blinking my eyes fast.

“Yup” She nodded and I shook my head.

“Anyways,, can you just go on?” I asked.

Julia nodded.
“When I met him, I was still a virgin…”
“We finally started dating and I felt I was on top of the world. I was so happy”

“But,, my heart began to palpitate each time he asked for s*x. I was f*cking scared and just wasn’t ready. It happened I promised him I would have s*x with him on the 13th of July…

Axel’s Lodge, 9:47pm**

Axel left Julie who was sitting on the sofa. Her face was made up with powder and lipstick. It fitted her so well and brought forth her beauty.

He was at the table making late night coffee for them both.
“You look pretty today by the way” He said, without looking back at her, since he was busy with coffee making.

Julie stared at his back and smiled.
“Thank you”

“But… don’t you think the piercings are a little too much?” He asked.

“Huh? You don’t like them? Dana and Ann made me up and gave me piercings. I heard you like girls with lot of piercings”

Axel took the tray of coffee and walked to her. He sat close to her after keeping it on the table.

“Not really. I just love girls with tattoos more” He said.

“Why? You don’t have a tattoo so why would you fancy a girl who has a tattoo?” She asked.

“Do you know my favorite flower?” He asked, and took his cup of coffee which he slipped into his mouth.

Julie watched him.
“No… Sunflower? Hyacinthus? Hibiscus? Chrysa-

“It’s a rose” He cut in and kept the cup back on the table.

“Why didn’t I think about that? I thought it was a simple and plain flower? Never knew you like roses. I mean,, everyone knows about the flower. It’s overrated though it beautiful”

“I don’t like roses cause it’s a flower or its’s beautiful”

“Then, why do you like roses?” Julie asked.

“It because it’s easy”

“What? Easy? I don’t under-

“Rose is very easy to spell. It’s really easy to get one at the shop. It easy to see them on the garden. It easy to plant and take care of them”


“Roses… Everything about rose is easy. I like easy things… you know why?”

Julie locked her eyes with him and said nothing. He smirked and carried her to his thighs. She swallowed hard nervously, feeling his heart beat.

“I like easy things because it’s not hard getting them. Roses are cheap too” He whispered, and took his lips to her neck.

Julia’s whole body vibrated as her lashes flapped up and down. Her eyes fell on his neck and she saw the tattoo he had, on his neck side.

She suddenly felt his hand slip inside her gown and she tightly closed her eyes.

His hand was already on her panties, touching it slowly. He drew her closer to his chest.

“I don’t care. We are doing it today, Julie” He whispered.

Julie quickly stood up and held her body like she was afraid.

“Sorry… I can’t” She shook her head.

Axel looked at her with a straight face. He tried to hide his angry look though it was almost visible.

“Why not?” He asked, quickly

“I’m not ready” She sobbed, quietly.

“F*ck!” He yelled,, allowing Julie to shiver.

“So, when… when are you gonna be ready?” He glared at her.

“…When I get a tattoo?” She replied.


“I wanna get a tattoo. You said you fancy girls with tattoos. I wanna get one…When I do that, then, we can do it and we can go as many rounds as you like”

Axel scoffed.
“I don’t really go rounds… I just f*ck and go”

“What?” She asked, confused.

“Julie,, I might die here if I don’t do it… Besides,, you promised me today” He said, ignoring her last statement.

“Sorry,, that I couldn’t keep my promise. You just have to wait”

“For how long? I just told you I’m about to die!”

“How?” Her eyes looked at him.

“I dissolve something in our tea” He muttered. Veins were already popping on his neck. His face was getting so red already. He closed his fist tightly.

“What’s that? And what’s happening to you?”

“A libido booster. It makes our s*x drive high,, allowing us crave for s*x” He said.


“You didn’t drink yours, right?”

She nodded, quietly.

“F*ck! Why did i drink that?!,, I thought we would do it” He groaned, and knelt down. He quickly held her legs.

“Have s*x with me, please”

“I’m sorry” She said, and took her legs away.

“Then, what should I do?!” He yelled.
“F*ck! This sh*t isn’t comfortable” He added, whispering, holding his knelt knees.

“You know what,, just breathe in and out, drink lots of water and go to a bar” She took her eyes down to him.

“What? A bar and do exactly what?” He asked, and looked back at her.

“Just hire an harlot and let her do the job… I ain’t ready now, Axel” Julie said. with tears running down her eyes.

“Darn it! You asked for this. Go bring me water, and my clothes. I need to change” He grunted and Julie went to do so.

Present Day***

Julie was just remembering that day. She just paused her words, and kept looking into space not telling me a word.

I shook her lap.
“Continue from where you stopped. You said,, I promised him I would have s*x with him on the 13th of July…”

“What?” Julie muttered and came back to her senses.

“I said, continue from where you stopped. You just paused suddenly and blanked out. Won’t you talk, I’m curious”

Julie quickly stood up.
“Sorry, rose but I gotta go”

“Huh? hey,, you can’t keep me hanging that way. What happened that day,, July 13th!?” I shouted.

“I really need to go”

“I won’t tell you what transpired between I and Axel before I met you then…since you aren’t ready”

Julie sighed.
“Keep that to yourself. Really don’t wanna hear it. However, I’m still gonna say this. Never ever date Axel… I’m glad you even promised me you won’t” She said, and walked out.

“What’s her problem now?” I said, inwardly and walked her leave.


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