Bad Boys Love episode 6

(Toxic Romance)

By Sommy Pearl F.

Chapter 6



Julia opened the door and two girls walked in. They were her friends, I guess?… by names,, Ann and Dana.

“Girls,, hey” Julia muttered with a small smile.

“Lia,, hey yo… don’t tell me, you aren’t ready? Or is this the wear you are gonna rock at the club” Dana almost laughed.

I opened my eyes and saw the two bad girls wearing s*xy dresses. Their laps were seriously exposed,, alongside their cleavages.

Julia sighed and sat down on her bed. Her friends stood up in front of her. Ann chewed gum crazily while Dana had her arms crossed on her tummy.

“I don’t think I can go, girls” Julia muttered, and slowly dropped her head on the bed.

“She gotta be kidding us” Dana scoffed.

“Hey! What are you up to? We promised the boys we were gonna be there. Why will you just back down now?” Ann half yelled.

“I’m tired, girls,, please” Julie muttered, and slowly closed her eyes.

“You tired? Guess Axel’s d*ck really isn’t your size,,, did it injure you that much to cause the unnecessarily tiredness?” Ann asked.

Julie quickly opened her eyes and took her face up.
“What are you talking about, Ann?” She asked.

“Everyone knows he had s*x with you this morning,, f*ck,, you still gave him your virginity?” Dana laughed.

Julia blinked her eyes. I was looking at her. She seemed to be embarrassed to look me in the face. I couldn’t speak for her either. I wasn’t the open type,, I’m more of an introvert.

“I wanna rest” Julia muttered.

“Aren’t you gonna ask how we found out?” Dana asked.

“I don’t care. I’m sure he told you” Julia answered.

Ann scoffed quietly.
“Most girls heard your screams when he screwed you. Don’t you think you shout too much? We all know this room isn’t sound proof,, so why didn’t you take it easy? Or probably, put on music in speakers?” Dana said.

Julia blinked her eyes.
“Whether we had s*x,, or not… it concerns no one”

“Yeah,, I guess you are right. It concerns no one. You wanna know why?” Dana muttered.

Julia raised her eyes to her.

“It because he has screwed almost all the girls in this hostel. No one is f*cking surprised. He dated Ann a few months ago,, you know. That old fart complained her p*ssy was getting wide when he was the cause-

“Dana,, stop!… please,, please,, I just wanna rest” Julia said.

She scoffed and looked at my side and I quickly threw my face away.

“Hey” I heard their voice.

I slowly looked at them and they were both looking at me.

“You” Ann said.

“What?” I muttered.

“Who’s this odd girl?” Ann asked.

I looked back like they were referring to someone else. Then, slowly took my eyes to them. They still didn’t take their eyes off.

“Me?” I muttered, and pointed at my chest.

“She’s so f*cking annoying” Dana muttered.

“Agreed. Anyways,, this was how Julia was before we transformed her” Ann chuckled.

“I agree” Dana said.

“You know what,, Let’s just tell her to follow us to the club” Ann suggested.

Dana nodded in agreement and looked at me.
“Yes,, you… What’s your name?” She asked.

I traced my eyes to Julia whose eyes were now close. She was laying on the bed. I doubted she was sleeping.

“Rose” I replied, softly.

“Nice name. I’m Ann. She’s Dana”

“Hello” Dana winked, with a short wave.

“Hi” I forced a chuckle.

“Julia,, your roomie is so annoying,, you know” Ann started.

“Pardon?” I raised my brows.

“We all promised to go to the club tonight but see,, she’s the one backing out now. Such a pain in the a*s” Ann said.

I blinked my eyes.
“So?” I muttered.

“We want you to come on her stead” Dana said, stressing each word,, croakily.

The F-

“I don’t understand” I muttered.

“Follow us to the club,, now” Dana ordered.

“Sorry” I muttered.
“I can’t go” I added, softly.

“Why not? Aren’t you being to naïve for a girl your age?” Ann asked.

“No,, it’s just I don’t like going out. I’ve never been to a club before”

Ann and Dana exchanged glances, and chuckled before retiring their eyes back to me.

“Don’t worry about that” Ann winked and I swallowed hard.


F*ck,,, I couldn’t tell them no. I couldn’t say no. I wore a black nylon gown which was tiny handed. I kept touching the hand cause I wasn’t comfortable.

The girls also applied makeup for me and helped in curling my hair down. My gown exposed my cleavages too. I also wore a net sandals and I was given a purse.

“Whoa!” Ann jubilated.

“Whats that?” I asked, quickly.

“Dummy,, She shouted cause you’re beautiful and more s*xier. Common girls,, let’s go!” Dana exclaimed.

They both walked out. I stopped and turned see Julie now deeply sleeping.

I sighed, pulled my dress down,, well below my knee and walked out.

A car stopped right in front of our hostel.

“Hop in,, It’s my boyfriend’s car so ya safe” Dana smiled and Ann chuckled.

I sighed and entered. We were later on the road. On the road,, while we drove,, I saw Dana giving her boyfriend head.

The f*ck!! I nearly puked!

I quickly looked away while Ann behaved like there was nothing to see. She was still chewing the gum while using her phone.

I regretted what I was doing instantly. I wanted to go home,, What if Dana’s boyfriend later got into an accident because of his d*ck which was busily choking a girl’s throat!

“Sh*t” I muttered, looking outside the window.

The Club***

“Guys!! We are here” Ann screamed.

Dana and her boyfriend linked arms and walked past me. I was slowly walking,, cause I wasn’t comfortable with the wear.

Ann sat down on the chair available on our sidewhile Dana sat on her boyfriend laps.

I stopped to sit down too but there weren’t any more available chairs.

I looked at everyone and I noticed they were looking at me. I was really nervous. I saw 7 faces,, I saw Vin and Lily..Wait,, Lily? Vin? What were they doing…here?

Anyways,, they waved to me and I chuckled nervously.

So,, I saw Dana and Ann looking back at me,, with Dana’s bf,, I saw two other guys,, I don’t really know the first one but the second was Axel.

Axel? Wait… Axel?! No… not Axel! What am I gonna do now??

He smiled brightly at me and then suddenly,, he tapped his lap. Guessed,, he wanted me to sit there.

“Fo.ol” I scoffed.


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