Bad Boys Love episode 20

(Toxic Romance)

By Sommy Pearl F.

Chapter 20 {Finale}



I was called to the Dean’s office. The course representative was supposed to go but I had to go on his stead, because he was busy with one of the lecturers.

I slowly entered the dean’s office and greeted him. He smiled at me.

“You’re the new assistant course representative?” He asked me.

I forced a smile and nodded.

“Cool,, There’s a guy outside my office,, seating just out of the door. Please, take him to your department’s president and let them collect the portfolios from him, and take his name down,, okay?”

“Sure sir” I nodded, and walked out.

I saw this handsome, and sweet looking guy sitting on the bench outside. He had his head on the wall and he seemed to be resting.

I nearly got drowned in his looks.

Wait? Was I thinking?

All guys were the same!

I walked to him and looked at his handsome face which glowed under the bright sunlight.

I noticed a small leaf on his wine colored hair. I slowly took my hand to it and held it, in order to take it off.

That was when, he opened his eyes and quickly grabbed my hand which was on his hair.

I trembled.

We stared deeply at each other before he asked;

“Who are you?”

I took my hand away from his hold and blinked my eyes.

“Sorry, I saw something on your hair and I just wanted to take it off”

“Did you take it off?” He asked.

“Huh? No… I wanted to but you stopped my hand”

He smiled and stood up. He was quite taller than me so I had to raise my face slightly to him. He bent his head over.

“You can take it off” He whispered.

I slowly took my hand to his hair and removed it.

“Done” I said.

He looked at me and smiled. I felt my eyes blinking fast. I was quite nervous.

“Who are you,, by the way?” He asked, softly.

“Huh?… I’m Rose,, your assistant course rep and I was told to take you to the department president”

“I’m Elvis Vinson” He said.

“Rose…Rose Ire” I said.

“Beautiful name for a beautiful looking lady” He said and immediately, I hiccupped.

Nervousity was having it worst on me. I also felt my heart flutter when I heard that.

“Follow me” I finally said and walked away.

Elvis smiled, and followed me quietly.


I guess the department president isn’t around for now. The time says 11am. Why don’t we wait till 12?” I asked.

“Oh,, okay then” He agreed.

“Let’s wait at the field. Thats the best place to wait” I said, and he smiled.


We slowly ate the doughnut we ordered while waiting, and looking at the field.

“The field is amazing” He said.

“No doubt” I chipped.

“You are more amazing” He said, and I coughed. He quickly gave me his bottled water which I drank.

“I guess this is our first indirect kiss” He mouthed.

“Pardon?” I raised my brows.

I already drank from this bottle and you also placed your lips on it… making it our first indirect kiss” He smiled.

I looked at him in wonder. He looked at me and I quickly threw my gaze away.

“I’m coming. Lemme get us canned drinks from the vending machine. I drink sprite, you?”

“Whoa! Me too” I gushed.

“I guess we do click” He winked.

I smiled.

“Two for us then… Hold on” He said, and left.

I was still eating the doughnut when I heard someone suddenly call my name. I stood up and turned around to see Axel.

He was looking sick. His eyes were red shooted. I sighed and stood up.

“Rose…I…I saw your message last two night. I’ve been messaging and calling but you are ignoring them. I even tried to check up on you but you aren’t normally around”

“…Was that a prank?,, I’m talking about the break up message. Please,, tell me yes. I couldn’t sleep a wink since that night. I kept on crying till I got a fever…I-

“Axel,, Its over and thats it! Period!”

“Why? Rose,, please… You know we are meant for each other”

“Not anymore, Axel!” I snapped and started walking away.

He ran to me and held my right hand.

“I’m really sorry if I offended you, please… forgive me. Rose,, please…

“Its over, Axel! accept that!”

“Rose, I love you” He whispered, crying.

I looked at him and could feel my heart beating fast.

“Too late, Axel. I don’t feel the same way… Now,, I’m being nice,, let go of my hand. Someone might see us and think otherwise”

“Rose,, a chance,, please… I’m begging you. I love you so much and I can’t do without you,, please. Don’t push me this way,, I’m begging you” He said, crying.

“Then explain! Explain,, why I’m cheap? I’m easy huh? I offered you s*x cause you wanted to satisfy your s*xual desires! F*ck, Axel!” I blurted in tears.

“Julie’s perfume! The c*ndom! Why did you use those while you were with me?!,, Who were you trying to impress, Axel,, hello!!!”

Axel quickly dried his eyes.

“It’s my mistake,, and I’m sorry. I never knew it would turn out this way. Let’s…just seat and sort this out,, please”

“There’s nothing to sort out! Its O.V.E.R! Over! Got that!”

“Rose,, I love you…”

“You just saying this?… Well, I don’t love you anymore,, too bad. Let go of my arm now!”

“Hello,, the young lady clearly told you to leave her arm. What are you waiting for?” I heard Elvis’ cool and sweet voice.

I turned my head,, to see him, holding onto my other hand.

Now,, my two hands were busy… with two handsome guys hands clutching onto it.

I looked at Axel and then at Elvis. They were both glaring at each other eyes.

Was this perhaps another romance story?… Maybe a tale,, I might live to tell for another day.

But one thing I know is that,, romance isn’t what we all think it is. Just like life,, romance isn’t a bed of…. roses.


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