Uju episode 17

Episode 17
It was concluded, in two days time i will be traveling home, I have written a long list of things i was going to do ones i got home, and checked out for event planners in my state, I have enough cash to do whatever i want to do, money wasn’t a problem,

Mummy was back and i was more at peace, she helped me with the long list and plans too, it was going to be a big wedding and she wanted me to go with an event planner and decorator from Lagos, she has people that are into that, so i agreed with her, after we planned on everything including the asebi wears and everything inclusive, I was already exhausted, I quickly slept off that evening, when i awaken later, I went to Victor’s room he wasn’t there, the house was quiet, almost everyone has gone to bed, Ada wasn’t in the room either, I started searching for him quietly so i won’t wake other people up, I climbed up, so i can have a better view outside, everywhere was dark but the outside light help in finding them, victor was sitting by the pool with Ada, who was busy talking while Victor was checking something that seem so interested in his phone, which he later showed Ada and she shake her, like disagreeing, he smile and continued with his phone, I was very angry and was already boiling by the time i rushed down to them
Victor was the first to See Me coming and smiled, beckoning to come and sit on his laps, Ada also smiled while i approached, but i wasn’t going to be deceived with all that their cheerful look, I was wearing that angry look, that shows there was trouble,

victor on seeing me stood and came to me, he tried to peck and kiss me but i turned my face, I was looking at Ada who by now was also on her feet, she knew i was angry and wanted to go but i asked her to stop, let’s deal with this ones and for all, before i could speak victor asked me what was going on, he asked repeatedly what was wrong with me while still holding me, so i unleashed all the anger at them

“everything is wrong victor…you sitting down here at this time of the night with Ada,while everyone is asleep, is what that is wrong…what in the world are you talking about by this time…or is there something you both are not telling me…

“Whaat…are you talking about Uju…today is Wednesday and everyone goes to bed on time…this is just 8:43pm, not yet 9.oclock, I was just here, you know i like sitting close to the pool sometimes, when Ada came to keep me company…we are just gisting…nothing much…

“gisting about what exactly…every one has gone to bed except you two…so you and Ada are not included in the “everyone” or is there something you are not telling me…..this is getting out of hand, and you Ada, I can kick you out of here if you ever cross your boundary, it won’t be as a payment of what you did to me, no, far from that ..i don’t pay evil with evil, it will just me not trusting you in this house and you over doing things, things you don’t suppose to do, stay very clear of him or you will have serious issue with me..

I turned and left them standing there, Ada was already apologising as i was shouting at her, and Victor was just acting all surprised because he has never seeing me angry, as i left Victor followed me, shouting my name but i rushed inside and was going to my room but he caught up with me and i started struggling with him, we were doing it quietly in other not to wake big mummy, he took me to his room and locked the door immediately
“what was that all about…what’s going on…are you suspecting me with your friend, no tell me…what got into you this evening Uju…i haven’t seeing you angry…i was just having a normal chat with Ada and intend going to bed ones is 9pm, even the chat was about…

“I don’t want to know what the chat was about, I can suspect anything i want because you are giving reasons to do that, I saw you give her your phone then she shakes her head…and probably more has being going on, I’m blind and too busy to see… it will start from a normal chat to it was all a mistake, and then regrets followed suit…i have seeing you look at her back…as she catwalks, Ada is a club girl and has being working there for years, she knows where to strike a man and he will fall, and you are so free this days with almost everyone, that makes me to worry…leaving you alone in the house while I’m gone, with Ada too in it…..the day i saw you looking at her I felt very bad because i expected better from you…an….
“please enough….enough…i can’t even remember when or the day i looked at her, you are mistaking, I was probably looking at her but my mind was somewhere, for God sake don’t you trust me…after all this while Uju, you can’t tell what i can do and what i can’t, stop trying to babysit me, I’m not a child, I’m a man, I have seeing girls in my life time, different colour and shape, both abroad and here and among them all you….you are the only one I fell in love with…even before we started courting how many ladies have you seen with me, if i was what you are taking me to be ladies will be coming and going as they like, even when i use to visit Kala, back then have you seen me with a woman, okay let’s say I’m scared to bring a woman because of my Mom, why then i don’t even do that when I’m out… I thought Ada is your friend, if you don’t trust her why do you let her stay here, why is she a threat to you… thought you trusted me….Uju, I love you and when i said that… i mean every word, by next month end we will be officially husband and wife, we haven’t had this kind of misunderstanding before, and why now, why are we having this conversation because of your friend, she’s your friend, you can ask her to leave if you are not comfortable with her here or is there something else bothering you aside this….i was showing her places i want to surprise you for our honey moon and i needed her opinion if is cool, it was suppose to be a surprise, and she being your friend i thought it was okay to ask her, she agreed with some and disagreed with some, Ada is not a threat like you are assuming, she adores you as much as i do, her way of walking and sometimes dressing is probably from the years of being at the club, this job is new to her it will take time for her to adapt, she’s still your friend to do with as you like, I’m free with everyone and you are complaining, I thought that’s exactly what you have always wanted, sack her if you want and i will not question you Uju, you are the madam of this house after mom, so everyone reports to you, stop doing this i hate to see you angry, if you want me to travel with you, I will love to, I always wanted to be where you are….

Listening to him cleared all my doubt, I felt stupid, he embraced me so tight and i quickly apologized for even doubting him, we kissed passionately that night and when it was about getting out of hand i quickly stopped him,

“I told you before we can’t make love until we are wedded, we both agreed on this, we are getting married next month victor, just a little time and we can kill ourselves with it anyway we want..

“I’m sorry…was carried away…yes we both agreed to wait and i will be patient as long as it takes, because you are worth waiting for, you are everything to me…please Uju don’t ever doubt me…. You doing it this night hurts me, I can’t trade you for anything in this world and i totally trust you, I know you meet a finer man, richer guy in school or outside here, you are a beautiful lady, lot of guys will want to have you but i trust you, I get jealous too but i totally trust my Uju, I believe you anytime you tells me something and you haven’t given me reason to doubt you, God has blessed me by giving you to me….I’m a happy and fulfilled man with you by my side…

I later kissed him good night and went back to my room, Ada wasn’t sleeping she was sitting on the chair awaiting her faith, immediately i entered she started apologising saying exactly what Victor said, he was asking for her opinion on the places he picked for our honey moon, which was suppose to be a surprise, she said she will leave if I’m not comfortable with her around, she doesn’t want to cause problems between me and victor, and sometimes she forgets herself by thinking she was still a club girl, she’s ready for anything i decide for her, she was crying as she speaks, I told her is fine, she can continue working but she should always be on her uniform and try to not let her old life affect the new, i also apologised to her for over reacting earlier, she smiled and thanked me.

The following morning i have another plan for her, I asked her to get ready we will be traveling together and she was really happy and hugged me, we both got ready to leave as big mummy prayed for journey mercy as we were about to embark on a long journey to east.

I have somebody to talk with and who will also help out in some necessary things, Ada will be willing to assist me if need be, she’s still my own person…despite all she is my friend, the first person that brought me to Lagos, although she left me stranded which led to meeting my victor, I have forgiven and will treat her as my friend, my insecurity almost got the best of me, it won’t happen again,

We have wedding to plan and I’m at peace doing it.
To be continued

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