The Handsome Ghost episode episode 5

The handsome ghost 5

Six months into their relationship, Ben proposed to Amarachi. She was so excited as she was showing us the ring. I was happy for her though but at the same time sad cos I know it’s fake. It’s a means to get to her brother. The engagement party was fixed and everything was successful. Amarachi and Ben were looking fly that night. They were really couples. That same night I had the opportunity to speak with Ben.

” Why expose her this way when you know that this is just a means to an end”.

” She insisted I do it this way. We’re having the marriage introduction in two weeks time. I can’t wait to meet Emeka. Once I shake his hand then my revenge starts. And if you must know I have slept with her. And I made sure it was the best she ever heard. I will keep having sex with her until the day I plan to break her heart.

“Hmmm. Just don’t get her pregnant. She’s too young to be added to the list of baby Mama’s talk more of one that slept with a ghost”.

” Don’t worry. I don’t plan on breaking her heart to such extent” he laughed.

Two weeks later her marriage introduction was done with Ben having his Demon friends acting as his father, brother and friend. One month after the introduction Emeka died in a ghastly motor accident. Infact he was crushed to death. But the part that got me shedding tears was that Ben also took the life of his wife and 3 kids. Those innocent souls died cos of the sins of one man. It was during the period of mourning that I discovered that Emeka was an only son..

After Emeka and his family were buried, Ben called off the marriage. Amarachi almost committed suicide. She was taken home by her parents to recover. Ben also visited me in my room by midnight to say goodbye.

” Are you satisfied” i asked.

“Yes I am. But I’m sorry for what happened to Amarachi. My name is obinna Nwaneri. I’m from Atta ikeduru, Imo state. If you ever find yourself around there, tell my father that I have taken my revenge. Goodbye


The handsome ghost 6

“Wait! Before you leave can I asked three things.

” Go on”.

” Why take Emeka’s family too? How will your father believe me? And why did you come to see me this midnight?

” I will answer one after the other”.
For your first question, I only took Emeka but as for his family the sins of the father caught up with them. Most times the evil we commit end up extending to our loved ones. So be careful of the life you live.
Secondly, tell my father that his son “eagle” sent you. He’s the only one that calls me that.
Thirdly, I came to see you this midnight cos I only have few hours to stay here. I came here to see the only friend who understands me without asking if anything. And I came to tell you to be careful of humans. Do not trust easily and no matter what you face in life always believe that there’s always a way out. Always trust in the maker of life and everything in it. He will always see you through. Sorry I will have to leave now cos if I don’t I will fade forever. I need to take care of my family and live the life I was supposed to live. Goodbye my friend.

” Goodbye Obinna.

He left with a smile of triumph and hope on his face.
It’s been 7 yrs it happened. I heard that Amarachi’s dad died two yrs after his sons death and his wife followed a year later due to heart break of their sons demise. As for Amarachi I believe she will be alright but she will never forget about Ben.

I wrote a letter to Obinna’s father giving him the message his son gave me. Their family is doing better now.his two brothers now resides in the US. I also believe he has kept his promise.

Friends in whatever you do please stay away from evil. Not everyone has a forgiven spirit. Their revenge might end up consuming even the innocent.

Barby Love

I love you all.

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