The Diabolic Pastor episode 7

The Diabolic Pastor

Part 7

I wanted to say no to him but he stared at me without blinking I watch as he muttered some words in his mouth

“Sit down!!” He said and I did.


For some reason unknown to me I couldn’t resist what he said it was as if he just use charm I sat on the couch with obedience the maid came out with a take away in her hand and stood in front of the Pastor.

“Give the food to our brother” he said and she hand over the food to me but as I wanted to collect it the food suddenly slip from my hand and pour on the floor.

The Pastor sprang up on his feet with anger, immediately I became free from what so ever he used to command me. I stood up also bayo who was oblivion of what was happening stared at the Pastor in wonder.

“Clean this up!!” he said to the maid and he went inside angrily, bayo and I left the place instantly.

“What just happened?” Bayo asked as we trek to the junction.

“I don’t know!!” I said to him

“You don’t know but the way Pastor Chris looked at you shows something is up” he said but I kept mute.

There was a little silence between us as we fix our eyes on the road right from a distance a black fast moving car showed up from the direction of Pastor Chris house it was coming with a full speed we thought it was going somewhere important that’s why it running with speed but it wasn’t it was coming to our direction the car didn’t slow down instead it speed increase we jump away from the road and land on the otherside. We stagger forward almost falling on the ground the door of the car flung open and a bunch of hefty men came out at this point we know there’s danger.

The men are sent to kidnap us immediately we began to run and they also run after us. We ran with our strength and hide inside an unknown building. The men brought out their guns and shot it in the air twice we have been surrounded.

“You better come out now if you want to live!!” One of them said me and bayo were shivering where we are.

“Who are this people?” Bayo whispered to me in fear.

“They are from Pastor Chris bro ” I said as I peep through looking for a way of escape.

“What !! Pastor Chris how is that possible!!?” He asked and we ran from the spot where we are hiding to another spot.

“You can’t run away for ever you better come out peacefully and die peacefully” one of them said again.

” I don’t believe that bro!! “He said panting.

” See your Pastor is a fake Pastor!!”I said trying to catch my breath “He was the one that kidnapped Grace and Rebecca and use them for his power” I said bayo couldn’t believe his ears he stared at me in surprise.

“See we need a way of escape now after that we can discuss about this” I said and I quickly scan through the whole place and I find a bush not far away from where we are.

One of the men shot his guns in the air again not quite long we began to hear the sound of a police car.

“Guy police dey come!!” One of them beacon on the other guy. They were retreating and giving up the search for us this serve as an opportunity for us to run into the bush immediately me and bayo came out of our hiding and start running into the bush suddenly we heard a gunshot when I turn around I saw bayo in blood on the ground he was shot instantly I helped him back on his feet he was shot on the side of his stomach he limper as we entered into the bush and escape.

Bayo was really bleeding I rush him to the hospital and send some money for his treatment he was already unconscious when we got to the hospital. One of my friends work in the hospital I told him exactly what happened and he was so shocked about it.

I specifically told him to not allow anybody to treat bayo except him and he agreed as I came out of the reception I saw the guys again coming down from their cars and walk towards the reception.

To be Continued.

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