The Diabolic Pastor episode 12

The Diabolic Pastor

Part 12

I was feeling dizzy my strength were drained I didn’t have the power anymore suddenly everything went blank.

I was hearing a voice calling my name I was still weak to open my eye the voice called my name again


I opened my eyes reluctantly and I found a person in white cloth he had three pairs of wings two of which he use to cover his body and a pair for flight. The person is an Angel I was really weak to stand up.

“Why have you decided to neglect me?” The Angel asked I wasn’t sure of what to say.

“How do I neglect you Lord?” I asked

“Since you refuse to pray to me to help you expose Pastor Chris you are depending on your human ability!!”

“I am so sorry Lord please forgive me” I pleaded with tears dropping down from my face.

“Now you have been captured and you are about to be slaughtered!!”

“Aaaaah Lord please forgive me I don’t know I am deeply sorry please Lord you are the one that says in the Bible that you shall not be angry with your people forever Lord I know I have sinned please forgive me!!” I keep on begging till a person hit me and I open my eyes.

I found myself tied on the floor I can’t say this is where I am but with the look of things it is a shrine. There were calabash hung with robe everywhere I look around and I saw one of the men that was chasing us earlier.

Bayo was also tied on the floor with his eyes blindfolded I was really sacred I look to my right and I saw Grace and Rebecca in red clothes they were holding a calabash in their hand and bruises were all over their body they are already lean and weak.

The Pastor came in he was wearing a black gown and an extra red cloth which he place round his neck.

Immediately he sighted me he smile and then laugh.

“Success or is that not your name?” He said I didn’t answer him as tears flow down my face.

“Answer me !!!” He yell

“!!” I stammer

“Is this not you? You stress me so much!” He said and laugh hysterically.

“You want to ruin my work!! The work I have been building for years so you want ruin it with your stupid fire. Let me tell you something those that plan on doing that see where they end up their lifes” he said and point to Grace and Rebecca.

“But I will help you I won’t allow you to go through what they are going through what I will do is that I will firstly remove your eyeball after that I will cut your tongue before I finally cut you into pieces and distribute your body part to rest of the member” He said and laugh again “Or what do you think Skippo?” He asked the guy that hit me earlier.

“Sure fact boss!!” He said

Pastor Chris turn to a giant mirror and began to recite some incantations suddenly the rest of the members appeared in the shrine including doctor Jame.

The Baba move closer to me with a small knife and slice my cheek and blood came out he sniff the blood like a dog and then lick it with a smile on his face.

“Well-done Chris !!” The Baba said

“Thank you so much Baba and a big thank you to doctor James” he said with a smile. I looked at James I never thought he could do that to me. He smile at me this is not the James I used to know.

“For your support I want to offer him and his friend to the members” Pastor Chris and the whole clap for him.

“Well that’s very good of you Chris but you see this guy can’t be use!!” The Baba said to the shocking of everyone.

“What !! What do you mean Baba!!? ” Pastor Chris asked in confusion

“Yes you heard me right!! He can’t be use!!”

“But why Baba!!?” Doctor James asked

“He has a mark on him. We can’t use him infact we can’t harm him as he is!!” The Baba said and move backward.

“What mark does this stupid guy has again!!?” Pastor Chris said out of anger and frustration.

“He possess the mark of the most High!!” The Baba said I was praying silently within me as they all stared at me in anger.


“See there’s nothing we can do” the Baba said and muttered a word in his mouth and immediately they all disappear.

“Aaaaaah!!” Pastor Chris said in anger as he pace to and fro “Listen Success or what did they even call you!! All what Baba said is just rubbish see me I will kill you right now and nothing will happen” he said and collected a gun from Skippo he point at my head before he pull the trigger I heard a gunshot.

To be continued find out what happened next did Success die or which gunshot did he heard.

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