The Diabolic Pastor

There was a church my neighbours love to go I can say almost all the people in my street are attending this church. I attend another church entirely but every time I got back from my church I will always find my neighbor talking about the sermon how great it was or about the deliverance the Pastor did.

I wouldn’t have have it in mind to switch from my church to theirs if not for what my friend said

“Success you can imagine what happened in church today?” He said to me with a smile on his face

“What happened again Mr bayo?” I asked

“Can you believe during deliverance section our Pastor laid his hand on a lady who has been initiated and she vomited a black bird which is still alive!!!” He said I was astonished I know miracles happen but I have never heard of a person to vomit a bird.

“Are you for real?” I asked

“Yes of course in fact this coming Sunday he said it is going be a deliverance Sunday I can’t just wait to see the next miracle he’s going to perform” bayo said as he unbuttoned his shirt due to the heat.

“I think I will follow you to church on Sunday” I said

“Why do you want to?” He asked

“So that I can witness some of those miracles you are talking about since every Sunday you guys are always talking about what your Pastor did and you won’t let people rest in this compound so let me too witness it myself”

“You too hear yourself you want to go to church because of miracle” he teased me

“Nah you sabi bro this Sunday we are going together!!” I said and went to my room.


It was Sunday morning and I was dressed in my blue shirt with a nice black trouser I took my Bible and hymn with me and went to bayo’s room he was already dressed up he had a very nice perfume sprayed all over his body. We went out to the junction and board a cab which took us there it was a twenty minutes ride.

We got there it was a very big church indeed there was a very big signboard in which The Gospel Church was written on it we entered into the church seriously the church is very big and I can say expensive we sat down at the same place but my friend sat in front of me while I sat at the back.

They were just praying the opening prayer for the commencement of the service as they were praying a lady rushed in and went to the choir seat I don’t know what happened but I discover I have goosebumps all over my body I looked at her and I saw she’s having two heads on her body shiver where I am I couldn’t get my eyes off her as I was watching her bayo tapped me to look at their Pastor he has been talking about.

I was a little bit relieved thinking the Pastor will noticed her but he didn’t the worse part of it is that she even went in to greet him and he didn’t noticed anything I rub my face with my palm

“Am I dreaming or am I the only one seeing this?” I asked myself I stylishly asked bayo

“Bro who is that lady?” I pointed to her

“She’s the choir mistress and she have this voice of an Angel if she sings like this your spirit will be moved” he said.

I was still confused about the whole situation I watched as she collected the Mike and was singing praise and worship the congregation began to speak in tongues as she began it was like a mystery to me because what I was hearing from her is really shocking. She was invoking some demonic Spirit which enter into the people and cause them to fall on the fall on the ground as if they fall under anointing. I was petrified is this the same church my neighbors are talking about?

Watch out for the part two of The Diabolic Pastor.

© Nifemi Oluwasogo

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