The Diabolic Pastor episode 11

The Diabolic Pastor

Part 11

He took a deep breath and shook his head “This is world full of evil I can’t believe Pastor Chris did this are there still people of God?” He asked


I went to the food vendor beside the hospital and bought some food for myself and bayo that will be for our dinner we are both passing the night in the hospital. I brought out my phone and called the soldier to inform him all is well.

I went back to bayo’s ward and gave him his food it was already 7pm in the evening he quickly devour the food like a hungry lion there was complete silence in the food as we didn’t discuss anything with each other after he finished eating he dose off on the bed I didn’t sleep instantly I went to borrow a charger from one of the nurses my phone is about to die.

I plugged it and waited for some minute every now and then I will stand up and check otherside just to make sure we are safe.

It is 9:45pm my phone is fully charged I return the charger back to the nurse and went online I wasn’t really interested in what I was seeing I put down my phone and lay my head on bayo’s bed and dose off.

I heard a giggling which came so sharply and I sprang up when I look around I wasn’t in the hospital I was in the midst of people in black gown.

Pastor Chris was a little bit gentle and taciturn as the people lambasted him the Baba was on seat he was holding a staff and he was furious also.

“Chris you disappointed me!!” The Baba yelled ” If not for the help of the D.P.O you know what would have happened!! ”

“I know but it was not actually my fault those boys I sent were the one who messed up Baba” he said.

“See you better find a way to eliminate him else he will expose you and you know what that means?”

“Yes I do” he said

“Doctor Jame!!”the Baba call out my heart almost jump out from my chest when I heard that name it was actually the doctor whom I told to take care of bayo.

” Jesus Christ!! “I exclaimed

” Doctor Jame how far is the guy still in your hospital? “He asked

” Yes Baba they are passing the night there!!”

“That’s nice so I will need you to take over this job before tomorrow I want to hear him dead both of them” the Baba said

“Consider it done Baba!!” The doctor said

“Doctor Jame if you don’t mind don’t kill them yet just make them unconscious for some hours so I can use them to renew my powers” Pastor Chris said

“No problem Pastor” he said immediately I sprang up from the chair I was sitting I was really sweating bayo also sprang up also.

“Guy we have to go now!!” I said

“What happened guy? Why did you shout?” He asked scanning the whole room with his eyes.

“They want to kill us tonight we need to go right!!”

“Who!!?” He jump down from the bed immediately

“No time to explain bro we need to go” I said as I run to the door and peep through the corridor “The coast is clear we need to go now!!” I said and we ran outside we ran to the exit of the hospital but before we could get there we saw the doctor speaking to the police officers guiding the whole environment from where we are we can hear what he was saying

“Officers make sure no one goes out from this hospital until I say so is that clear!!” He said

“Yes sir!!” The officer replied.

We turn back and start running upstairs we ran to the top of the building panting heavily we checked from the top there and saw we have been surrounded with polices I quickly brought out my phone and dial the soldier number but he wasn’t picking up I tried it several times but still he isn’t picking up.

“We have to look for a way to escape by fire by force!!” I said to bayo and he nod with his head in agreement with me.

We ran back downstairs and peep through the corridor I saw doctor Jame he was looking so worried he must have entered into bayo’s ward and found out we ain’t there anymore. We waited for him to pass by before we ran into one of the toilet there and lock up the door.

We were sweating already I brought out my phone and dialed the soldier number again but he wasn’t picking up instantly bayo tapped me and pointed to the A.C machine some gas were coming out from it we began to choke I tried to open the doors so we can run out but it seems it has been locked from outside bayo fell on the floor immediately, I was feeling dizzy my strength were drained I didn’t have the power anymore suddenly everything went blank.

What is going to happen to Success and Bayo next? Find out in the next episode of The Diabolic Pastor part 12.

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