The Diabolic Pastor episode 4

The Diabolic Pastor

Part 4

I board a bike which took me to the street I asked some of the passerby about mummy twins and I was directed to the house. It was a little bit hidden in the street but I got to the place.


“Who is that I am coming ooo!!” A feminine voice said from inside as the door was opened. It was a woman in her late 60s.

“Good evening ma!!” I greeted her

“Good evening please I don’t I recognize this face” she said

“Well yes ma you didn’t. I am here on a issue of your two daughters that went missing some years back” I said and she stared at me in a suspicious way for some seconds she didn’t say anything she glance through the surroundings and examine me from head to toe.

“Are you a police officer?” She finally asked

“No ma!!” I reply

“Who are you then?”

“I am just new member at the Gospel Church I went to the church today and I saw a vision about your children” I said

“You saw my children!!” She said immediately she instructed me to enter into her room.

The room was a little bit big and tidy she offer me a seat instantly she brought out a frame from one of her bags.

“Is this the people you are talking about?” She said as she show me the frame

“Yes ma!!” I said and tears gush out from her eyes

“Ma please I came to ask you some questions about your children before they went missing!!” I said and she wipe her face

“Ok go ahead”

“Did your children mention or tell you some things shady about the church like some demonic spirit?”

“Yes before my children went missing they have told me they have been seeing some demonic spirit dwelling in the church in fact they make mention of some things about the altar that was very shocking to me.” She said

“Things like what ma?” I asked

“If I tell you you won’t believe”

“I will ma”

“Hmmm Pastor Chris is a fake Pastor and he use my children to renew his power not only my children but also different people I can tell you every five months of a year he always kill five pregnant women and use their blood to renew his power ” she said suddenly my heart palpitated I stared at her in disbelief.

“Five pregnant women!!” I said with my mouth wide open.


“Which means he uses….”

“Ten pregnant women in a year!!” She said I was shocked to the marrow.

“I believe one day he will be expose and all his so called member will know the real person he is!!”

“Hmmmm!! I wish to expose him!!” I said and stared at her immediately she smile at me.

“You can’t!!”

“Why ma?” I asked in confusion

“Pastor Chris is an influential person” she said ” Why do you think the police trash the case of my missing children? The only way you expose him is if you are well connected ” she said and stood up from her seat.


The following day I couldn’t stop thinking about all what the woman said this Pastor is even more devilish than I thought and my neighbours always talk about him almost everyday.

“He must be exposed!!” I said with confidence and pray about it before taking my baths and go to work.

I work as a delivery guy in one of the biggest company in Nigeria(I no go tell you the name). I put on my uniform and quickly dash out of the room and head straight to work. I have received some orders from five different people that morning I got to work took those order and got on my delivery bike and start distributing it.

Before I finished distributing those goods I have received more orders this is where my job began to fill stressful, I distributed till it was in the night.

The last order was actually near the Gospel Church after I finish delivering it to the customer I decided to pass the front of the church and head back work before I finally went home but suddenly a flash of light came right from the back of the church. I would have ignored it but due to my ambition I packed my bike in a safe place and tiptoe to the direction I was seriously conscious and sacred at the same time.

I began to hear some indistinct chatter coming from the back of the church my heart began to beat faster each time I take a step the chatter was not audible but what I heard was “Kill” as I try to peep through the Pastor suddenly came out from no where.

To be continued.

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