The Diabolic Pastor episode 6

The Diabolic Pastor

Part 6

“Calm down Baba this does not cause for alarm remember the time of Grace and Rebecca also, you see this guy I will bring him down very soon” Pastor Chris said immediately I sprang up from the bed.

I was sweating and panting seriously my eyes had became red I looked around in fear I took my Bible under my pillow and began to pray I prayed for hours nor stop till it was 6:30am. Then I heard a voice say

“Do not be afraid for I am with you “.

I opened my eyes and look around no one was there definitely it is the Holy Spirit. I read and meditated on the Word before taking my bath.

When I was done I took my bath and got dressed up as I plan on opening the door a knock came instantly I opened it and it was bayo smiling at me.

” Bro good morning ” I greeted him

“Guy good morning guess what me and you is going out this morning before you go to work!!” He said

I couldn’t say anything because he was really happy and excited.

“So where are we going to?” I asked

“It is a surprise you will see when we get there!!” He said and I lock my door and we went out.

A car was already outside waiting for us I was surprised who can it be we entered into the car and it zoom off.

There are two people in the car the driver and another guy sitting beside him they were looking so friendly on the outside but something keeps telling me danger is imminent I keep having this goosebumps all over me. Bayo and the guys were gisting but I kept mute I began to pray silently within me but I was really uncomfortable.

We arrived at a big house it was really beautiful the gateman opened the gate and the driver zoom in. The compound was really big there were bodyguard all round the house.

We came down from the car and we entered into the house. It was well furnished we sat on the couch I can see the way my friend is just happy.

“See house Success!! Money is good ooo!!” He said “I can do anything just to look for this money”

I was just watching him I took a quick glance at everywhere and I saw bloodstains everywhere. My heart palpitated I looked at the frames hanged on the walls there it was staring at me I rub my face with my palm it was still staring at me.

“Success what happened?” Bayo asked me when he noticed.

“Look at that frame!!” I pointed to it

“So what happened?” He asked

“Aaaah!!” I sprang up on my feet immediately when I saw the frame won’t stop staring at me.

“What happened Success why did you scream?” He said but immediately I wanted to talk Pastor Chris came out.

I almost fainted with the he looked at me this is trouble God!!.

“Good morning sir!!” Bayo greeted.

“Good morning boys how are you doing? He said as he offer us a seat. I was already sweating even when the A.C was still on.

” Fine sir ”

“Before we discuss anything I would like us to go to the dinning table first” he said

“I am so sorry sir but I won’t be able to wait I am already late for work” I said as I stood up from the couch. His countenance change immediately

“Ok wait let my maid pack it for you” he said now I know he is really up to something. I wanted to say no to him but he stared at me without blinking I watch as he muttered some words in his mouth

“Sit down!!” He said and I did.

Find out what Pastor Chris is up to in the next episode of The Diabolic Pastor 7.

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