The Diabolic Pastor episode 2

The Diabolic Pastor

Part 2

I was seeing spirits entering into people and they were all falling on the ground shaking I was shivering from head to toe I looked at the pulpit maybe the Pastor will finally notice this but what I saw almost gave me an heart attack.

Right in front of the pulpit is two ladies in red clothes they were kneeling on the floor there the first one is carrying a black calabash on her head while the other is holding a white calabash.

I was sacred I began to look at everybody almost all of them are on the fall thinking they were under God’s anointing.

Bayo was praying in tongues his eyes were closed I saw one of the spirit penetrate into him and cause him to lose balance he stumble on the floor shouting Jesus.

“The holy spirit is here, it is here I can feel it I can sense!! You need to pray now brethren pray!!” The choir mistress said.

I stylishly open my left eyes and I discover everybody in the church had fallen on the floor I glance at the mistress she was staring at me I quickly pretend also to fall under anoint immediately she went back to her seat I was watching the Pastor as he make his way to the pulpit he raise his hand and was muttering some words in his mouth after some seconds a microphone appeared in his hand which had a red robe tied round it.

I was shocked so the Pastor is a Diabolic Pastor he prayed for some minute and I can hear some ladies shouting and screaming as if she was being tormented by a demon.

“Yes yes the demon is manifesting come out now out !!!” The Pastor said and the spirit that had entered her earlier came out visibly to everyone the whole congregation was shocked some began to praise God as the spirit then disappear. The Pastor continued his fake deliverance which marveled the whole congregation.

After some hours we were done with the church service and depart to our various houses bayo was talking on our way home.

“Success you can see today’s service is wonderful I even fall under anointing”He said

“Sure” I said wondering if there’s no one that even noticed what was going on.

We got home later in the afternoon we didn’t see any cab so we had to trek I was so tired when I got home I just fell on the bed and slept off.

I found myself in the same church again no one was there but I can see the two ladies at the pulpit I moved closer to them and discover they were shedding tears. I turn around no one was around.

“Why are you crying?” I asked them but they didn’t say anything I asked them again

“Why are you crying? Who do this to you?” But same thing they didn’t say anything they continue crying not quite long I heard the steps of a person approaching the door immediately I quickly hide myself and the person entered.

“So you people are still crying” I heard the person said I peep through where I was hiding and it was the Pastor he was holding some bunch of canes.

“Sister Grace you are crying again and you too Rebecca don’t worry I have brought your food” he said and start beating them with the cane still they had bruises all over their bodies.

“Next time you will learn how to mind your business” he said and suddenly turn to where I was hiding I quickly bend down but I am sure he saw me.

“Who are you? Show yourself now!!” He said walking towards where I was hiding suddenly I sprang up from the bed panting I was soak in sweats I quickly write down the names I heard inside my jotter and kneel down and began to pray.

To be continued.

© Nifemi Oluwasogo

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