The Diabolic Pastor episode 5

The Diabolic Pastor

Part 5

I began to hear some indistinct chatter coming from the back of the church my heart began to beat faster each time I take a step the chatter was not audible but what I heard was “Kill” as I try to peep through the Pastor suddenly came out from no where.

My heart almost jump out of my chest he stared at me without saying anything my legs began to shake I felt to just disappear away from the spot immediately.

“Young man what are you doing here?” He asked I couldn’t say anything suddenly an eerie sound came from behind him I tried to peep through but he obstructed my view.

“I said what are you doing here?” He asked again.

“Hmmmmm….me….hmmmm…. sir as I was going I saw a light flash at the back of the church so I thought maybe it is some thief!!” I lied.

“Ok thank you I am the one you can take your leave now” he said and I turn back instantly almost in a run. I got on my bike and zoom off.

I know he’s up to something but I know I will soon find out.

When I got home it was 10pm some of my neighbours were still outside discussing bayo isn’t part of them I am sure he is sleeping I greeted them and went straight to my room I was really tired I took off my clothes and dump myself on the bed and before I know it I slept off.

I found myself in a dark house I couldn’t see anything but I was hearing some giggling I trace the giggling and suddenly I arrived in the midst of some people in black gown they were sitting on a chair covered with black clothes.

I was startled, where am i?

The number of people I was seeing were twelve, six on the left and six on the right I couldn’t see their faces so I had to move a little bit closer to them.

A person suddenly appeared in their midst the person was dressed in the combination of both red and black cloth I could see his face vividly he had a tribal mark instantly the rest bow their heads which shows the person is superior to them.

“What took you so long baba?” One of them said

“It was a very shocking thing for me!!” The Baba said

“What did you mean?” another person said and behold it was Pastor Chris

“Chris a person is ready to expose you very soon and if you are not careful he will successfully expose you!!” The Baba said

“What!! Who dares to do that? Aaaaaah me a dog that goes into the lion’s den will surely bath with it blood!!” He thundered

“Who is it Baba?”

“I am being told the person is a man but let us ask” the Baba said and stood up from his seat and went to the wall where a mirror is being hanged. He began to recite some incantations and suddenly I appeared there.

“This is the person!!” The Baba said

“What !! You again” Pastor Chris said in anger and disbelief

“You know him?”

“Yes Baba this guy almost ruin my work today if not that I was conscious he showed up when I was digging the grave for the pregnant women I used today ”

“Well no problem if that’s the case I know what to do!!” The Baba said and start reciting another incantations after that a black fearing spirit with wings appeared in their midst I was terrified where I was standing none of them can see me.

“Welcome the messenger of death!!” The Baba said my heart skipped a beat when I heard what be said “Now I want you to go to this guy house and do your work” the Baba said and it disappeared instantly.

They all laugh simultaneously for a job well done I was sweating where I was is this the end for me?.

Suddenly the spirit appeared again but this time one of it wings wasn’t there again it had different wound all over it body. All of them were shocked at what they saw.

“What happened messenger of death!!?” The Baba said in shocked

“Baba the person is untouchable the person is fire!. I can’t do this job!!” The spirit said and suddenly vanished.

“Abomination!!” The Baba exclaim

“There’s fire on the mountain!!” One of them said when I looked at him I discover he was another popular pastor.

“Calm down Baba this does not cause for alarm remember the time of Grace and Rebecca also, you see this guy I will bring him down very soon” Pastor Chris said immediately I sprang up from the bed.

What’s going to happen next? Find out in the next part of The Diabolic Pastor 6.

Follow up to catch up with the story.

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