The Diabolic Pastor episode 8

The Diabolic Pastor

Part 8

I specifically told him to not allow anybody to treat bayo except him and he agreed as I came out of the reception I saw the guys again coming down from their cars and walk towards the reception.

They made eye contact with me and we all stood at the same spot. I didn’t move an inch I was trying to know their next line of action immediately I sighted one of them put his hand into his left jacket pocket I ran into the hospital and they ran after me. They were five in number that came down from the car but only three run after me the other two ran all the way to the back of the hospital. I began to run with all my strength to the exit of the hospital shouting for help. One of the security men who saw the men chasing me immediately brought out his gun but before he could pull the trigger one of them gun him down.

The sound of the gunshot cause a mayhem in the hospital the nurses and doctors were running helter skelter I got to the exit of the hospital it is so big but I know I have been surrounded instantly I took some steps on the fence and jump over the guys almost shot me dead when I did but luckily I escaped.

There was no safe place for me to hide or go I just ran to a nearest police station and reported what had happened I was told to write down my statement before they carry out any operations. Not quite long the D.P.O arrived at the station.

The police at the counter greeted him in their ways but before he entered the police said

“Sir this young man here is proclaiming a charge against Pastor Chris for attempted murder and kidnap”

“What !!” The D.P.O exclaim and turn to me “Are you sure of what you are saying young man?” He asked

“Yes sir!!” I replied

“Ok follow me to my office!” He said and I did. He dropped his suitcase on the table

“Seat down please I want to quickly use the restroom” he said and went into a room. I looked around his office and came across a photo pasted on the walls of his office he was looking very familiar but from where?

I clean the sweat on my face with my palm I was really tensed I had this feeling to just leave the station immediately.

I stood up from my seat and went to the entrance of the room to inform the D.P.O that I am leaving but when I got to the entrance I heard him whispering.

“Hello Pastor see there’s fire on the mountain the guy you said you will bring down yesterday is in my office and he is pressing charge against you seriously” he said and waited for Pastor Chris at the other end to talk.

“Yes he is in my office but don’t worry I will make sure my boys eliminate him” he said and immediately I remembered he was part of the people I saw yesterday in a vision. That is why he looks so familiar.

I moved backward with fear and leave his office I left the station with haste and fear. There’s nowhere safe for me to go anymore it was true what mummy twins said Pastor Chris is an influential and well connected.

It is afternoon I am really famished and tired my legs are weak for my body but I manage to walk to a restaurant and eat after eating I felt relieved I was trying to relax but sleep keeps seducing my eyes not quite long two soldiers came in to buy some food

“Go and meet them!!” a voice echoed in my ears but I refuse what is the point Pastor Chris is well connected even if he didn’t know them he will know their boss I said in my mind. The voice came again but this time the soldiers are about to leave the restaurant reluctantly I stood up from the chair to approach them but instantly the men came in and bumped into me pushing me to the otherside to avoid talking to the soldiers.

One of them hug me pretending to be my friend and be stylishly whisper into my ear “You better corporate with us if you don’t want to die now start laughing” he said and I did, I was sweating even more the soldiers were looking at me as they took me out of the restaurant into their cars.

What will happen to Success next? Find out in the next episode of The Diabolic Pastor part 9.

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