Pastor Helena episode 23


Written by Nicholas Stephen

Episode 23

(When pastor arrived at the hospital)

When I turned, It was the other man that helped me earlier.

“Sir please hold on let me pick the call.” I said to him and moved a few distance to answer the call.

“Hasten it up.” He said.

“Pastor… Pastor…. ” I answered.

“Yes. I’m almost there just hold on okay.” Pastor answered.

“Okay pastor..” I answered and she cut the call.

“Sir you said you were busy so I didn’t bother to disturb you.” I turned to him.

“From what I’m hearing about your sister….” He said, rotating his head sideways while giving me a sad look.

“What is it sir. Please tell me. Hope nothing tragic happened?” I said in tears while holding his hands.

“Your sister sustained degrees of injuries. From what I’m hearing, her chances of survival is under probability. Which is 50% out of 100%. Her left hand also needs to be amputated.” He said.

“Doctor… Doctor… Doctorrrrrrrrrr..” I squeaked in tears, gripping hold of his hands.

“I suggest you call your parents. Their attention is highly needed right now. Bills are also piling up and I’m sure you’re already aware…” He remarked.

“Yes I’ll foot them. I’ve informed my parents. But I’ve sent doctor something to start with.”

“Try and call your parents. Don’t you have any other family aside from your sister?” he questioned me.

“My pastor is on her way. She’s almost here..” I responded.

“Alright then. Talk to you later.” He said and left.

Pastor arrived approximately 1:15am. I rushed to meet her.

“Your mum called. You gave her my contact?”

“Yes she’s so devastated right now. She has to call you and speak with you. Pastor this is all my fault. I shouldn’t have let her leave the church..” I muttered in tears

“Don’t say that. Pls wipe off your tears. Stop putting blames on yourself. Only God knows best. Where is she now?” She questioned.

“No feedback from the doctor yet. They’re still working on her.”

“Nothing will happen to her. Just like our lord said in the book of Job 5:19-20
He shall deliver thee in six troubles: yea, in seven there shall no evil touch thee. He shall deliver thee, actually referring to you and I, how many troubles?”

“Six troubles pastor.”

“Good. Meaning this one is nothing compared to what was written here. Not one, not two, not three, not four, And no evîl shall touch thee! Don’t worry nothing will happen to her. She will be fine just as he had spoken.” She said while holding her bible.

A call came from my mum.

“I’ve discussed with your pastor. She assured me that everything will be fine but I’m still worried. How’s the surgery going. You know I’m worried. I don’t want anything to happen to her. Even as it stands I’m still in the room with your dad crying and praying for her. What about the doctor! No news yet?”

“One of them told me that her chances of survival is minimal. He said her left hand needs to be amputated. Although I haven’t heard from the doctor himself…. But I….”

Pastor took the phone and answered her. “Ma please take it easy I understand how you feel right now. I’m also a mother. Nothing will happen to her. Trust me. I’m with your son right now.”

“I’m scared…. I’m scared…. I can’t sleep. I need to talk to my son pls give him the phone..”

She handèd me the phone.

“Mum…” I responded.

“Victor you’re my only hope please make sure you don’t leave the hospital. I regret leaving my children alone. I can never forgive myself for this… I ….”

“It’s okay naa.. Don’t worry she’ll be fine. You need to rest..” Dad whispered to her.

“I’m not sleeping. You didn’t hear what he said, he’s saying that her chances of survival is under probability. I can’t sleep not when my daughter is dyîng. Victor. Please don’t leave the hospital.” Mum muttered in tears.

“I won’t. I won’t eat anything till she’s fine. I rather starve myself to deáth.”

I could see pastor’s eyes welled up in tears. She was cleaning her shirt.

“I can relate.. Being a mother I know how it feels. God will never fail. He has never failed me. Victor I’m assuring you that..” pastor added

“Let me pray with you for for some minutes. Hold my hands.” She said.

Pastor held my hands and prayed with me..

Immediately we finished praying doctor came out of the hospital with one of his colleague. He was on light glasses.

While He was coming closer, He was looking so pale.

I could tell that something was wrong.

“Jesus. Jesus.. Father… Father. Hope this is not what I’m thinking… Doctor…” I muttered. My heart was about to burst out of my chest.

“Victor…. It’s okay. Victor….” Pastor protested.

Doctor walked up to us and quickly removed his glasses.

“Doctor what’s wrong! Doctor talk to me!! Doctor say something.” I shouted uncontrollably while holding his lab coat.

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