Pastor Helena episode 2


Written by Nicholas Stephen

Episode 2

(Her first visit to my house)

Few days later she called me and sent me her church address insisting that I should come over to worship with them. But I told her I was very busy that I’d try and make it the following day.

Truth be told I had a very busy schedule that very day, one of my niece Linda came to spend some days with us, she made me some clothes cos she was very good at sewing. I kept procrastinating my promise to helena regardless of the number of times she called but I kept assuring her that I’d try.

I was the type that loves enjoying myself. I spend money lavishly, I smoke, I drink, I womanize, in short I do all manner of things just to attain self pleasure. Most of the days I go to the club with my niggas and we spend the night with the próstitutes after drinking. My sister was also the party type but she does that with her boyfriend. He takes her out, while she was playing her game, I was also playing mine.

One of the weekends pastor Helena located my house, she called me to come out to pick her up. When I sighted her, I was shocked and it was around 4pm. She was wearing a very beautiful pink top and a dark long skirt. She told me she was able to find me through the address I gave her the other day.

I took her to the sitting room, hand her a bottle of malt but she told me she was okay, then I returned the malt.

I came back and she sat me down and brought out her bible.

“So Victor, it’s really been a while and I’ve not seen you in church. What actually happened? I decided to check up on you.”
She questioned me.

“Pastor it’s just that I’ve been busy lately. Business, family stuffs, friends and so many other things. Pastor I’ll try and be present in church if possible this Sunday I promise.” I said clutching both hands.

“Victor I want you to know that there’s nothing more important than the kingdom of God. Read this verse Matthew 6:33….” She muttered while drawing closer to show me the verse.

“Okay Matthew 6:33 it says; But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.” I read while staring at her chest.

“Good. From what you’ve read, you can see that it’s actually trying to tell us that nothing in this world can be archived without having Christ in you. You have to put God first in everything you’re doing. You have to surrender your life to Jesus. If I may ask, are you born again?” She kept preaching to me while looking into my eyes.


“Victor Jesus Christ is the only way to true happiness. Look at the story of Moses from the book of Exodus, how he protected the Israelites from the hands of pharaoh, had it been Christ wasn’t with him, you think he could have done that? You can still look at David for instance, how he conquered the only man that everyone was afraid of with just a stone.”

She continued while I kept staring at her body. I was earnestly nodding my head and kept repeating “Okay.. Okay.. Okay..”

What she was just saying were just entering one of my ears and leaving through the other one. I just gave her my attention because of her beauty. I was just lost in thoughts as I stood motionless staring at her.

She preached and quickly remained silent.

“Victor are you with me!!!” She said while tapping my left leg.

“Oh oh, yes.. Yes sorry I was …. Oh I was actually thinking about what you…. You just said. The Matthew 6:32… Ooh 33 sorry. I almost forgot.” I stutteringly answered, looking so confused.

“Victor… Are you sure you’re okay.” She asked looking so perplexed.

“Yes.. Yes pastor!” I quickly answered.

“Alright, hold my hands let me pray for you, I have somewhere to go now.” She said. She drew closer, held my hands, and prayed for me..

“Victor hope you still remember the verse.”

“Yes, Matthew 6:33, I remember.” I answered.

” Alright please try and go through it okay, I’m expecting you on Sunday probably when you come, we’d discuss more.” She added and I started escorting her.

“Alright see you on Sunday.” She added, hopped on the bike and it took off.

I just stayed along the roadside with both hands placed inside my think blue jean trouser staring at one girl’s huge áss that was passing by.

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