Pastor Helena episode 14


Written by Nicholas Stephen

Episode 14

(Helena no longer gives me her attention)

I said I don’t want to see you around here! I said go!! Are you dêaf!!!” She thundered.

I was startled, some of the visitors had to rush out, to observe what was going on.

“Good afternoon young man.” The lady on red skirt greeted.

“Pastor, we heard you shouting, is everything all right?” the man that came along with the lady on skirt quickly questioned pastor, feeling curious.

“Please please please let’s go inside. It’s just a little misunderstanding..” pastor muttered to them, placing her left hand on her forehead.

Helena escorted them in while I just stood there with guilt written all over my face.

Due to the embarrassment, I quickly turned, and headed to the roadside.

I made my way to one of my friends house. He was eating when I got there.

“Bigi watsup. This one that your face is looking as if you’re carrying the whole world on your head!”

“Charles you can’t just understand. I’ve been through alot since the past few months. Mehn.”

“What is it that I can’t understand? You can ome and join me if you insist because I still have some rice in the pot.”

“Bro you should know that food is not my problem. My problem is beyond eating. There’s this woman I met that is as beautiful to the extent that diamonds gets jealous. Mehn her ãss was so huge, to be honest I really enjoyed her but she didn’t actually do it to my taste. Charles! You suppose know what I mean naa.” I protested, cleaning my face with my white hendkerchief.

“See bigi! Don’t let woman put you in trouble. All those things are nothing. Last last everything is vanity upon vanity. See Bigi as I’m here right now, the only thing reminiscing on my mind is how to make money. You think if I had the money I’d still be in this country struggling?”

“Charles you’re making sense o. Because as it stands, I can’t get her off my mind. The sêx is just playing on my mind as if we did its just now we did it. Let me not bother her again. Maybe she doesn’t want me in her life.” I soliloquised.

After discussing for hours, I stood up and was about to take my leave.

“Yes sure. Charles, we shall see some other day.” I said while giving him a handshake.

“It’s is well. I can only advice you as a friend though. Anyway take care of yourself. Hope purity is fine?” He questioned.

“Yes. Let me be going. Talk later.” I stood up and left.

Days turned to weeks, weeks turned to months and I’ve not heard anything from pastor. I was just living my life as usual, going to clubs, drinking, traveling but to me it wasn’t that fun because pastor had abandoned me.

I managed to attend her church in one of the Sundays, till the service elapsed she didn’t give me her attention.

Each time I tried talking to her, she won’t respond.

In my mind I was like, why would her mind be filled with so much hatred as a man of God?

When my sister asked me about Helena, I told her she no longer gives me her attention that I’m trying to move on with my life but couldn’t. My sister insisted on talking to her instead. I told her that pastor won’t listen to her, she said I shouldn’t worry about that. Then we both went to her house the following day.

When she sighted me, she shouted at me.
“Victor! I said get out of my house!”

My sister became perplexed seeing her in such rage.

“Pastor please please call down. Please just for my sake.” She said to her while hugging her from behind.

“I’m not saying anything here till you tell him to leave!” She said to my sister.

“Bigi just stand close to the gate outside. I’ll come when I’m done talking to her. Give us some time please.” Purity objected, without letting go of her.

In my mind I was like who is this womãn prêtending for.. I just hissed within me and walked over to the gate.

“But I can’t easily let go of this woman. Maybe she has given her life back to Christ. Because when I saw her in church the other day, she was praying incessantly as if there’s no tomorrow. Maybe she must have changed. But she also enjoyed the sêx Na. I don’t just understand this woman at all. She’s just changing like a chameleon.” I told myself, folding both hands and observing the whole place.

In about an hour time, my sister called me and told me to come over. When I went in, mbith if them were in the sitting room. Pastor quickly rushed out. She stood in between the road that demarcate the kitchen from the sitting room. She stood there and started starring at me horribly.

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