Pastor Helena episode 19


Written by Nicholas Stephen

Episode 19

(Something happened to me)

While I was staring at her, I sighted a white light coming from the pastor’s direction. It approached me and infiltrated my body. My entire body began to respond strangely.

I rushed back to my house to look for where I kept my Bible.

All the negative thoughts just evacuated from my mind. All that my mind was telling me was to read my Bible and pray incessantly.

When I read through the book of Genesis I began to understand a lot of things about God’s creation. That was when I realized that we need to look onto the lord because he was the one that created us. Could you believe that I spent over two hours reading the bible?

When my sister returned, she told me how delighted she was that pastor accepted my present. She went on to say that pastor prayed for me and thanked me on her behalf.

I had spent the last few days reading and praying.

My sister became confused.

“Bigi, what happened. You’re now turning into a pastor? This one you’re reading bible and praying everytime it looks strange. Something is wrõng”

“I don’t know but I think I’m beginning to change into someone else. It happened since the day I followed you to pastor’s house. I now read and pray often unlike before. You didn’t feel anything that day?” I questioned her raising my bible and staring at her.

“No.. Feel what? I only did what you told me and left. That’s all.” She exclaimed.

“I know this is difficult to understand.” I said to her.

“That’s your own business. Mum called me yesterday and told me that they’d be returning in two months time.”

“Wow. This is a great news. Can’t wait to see dad. It’s been a while and I’ve missed him.” I chuckled.

“I’m going somewhere. Might return probably tomorrow.” She said and headed towards her room.

“Alright. Please be careful okay.”
“Sure.” She echoed from where she was.

That very night when I slept off, I had a dream. In the dream I was handcuffed and locked in a cage with some group of men their entire bodies exposed except for the small leaves that covered their waists. There were various cages opposite me, each one containing different captives including both men and women. They were pleading for help . The guards came and demanded that our blood be used for some spiritual purposes that I was completely unaware of. I was the final individual whose blood was drawn.

I don’t Know what entered inside one of the guards, he came to where I was, I was trembling, thinking he was going to kîll me. But he released me instead and held my left hand. He told me to remain silent and excourted me to a portal with white light. When we got to the light, he told me to jump inside. Immediately I jumped inside the white portal, I woke up.

That same night when I woke up, I knew something great was about to betide in my life. As of then, time was 3:14am. I prayed till 9am.

The next day, around 8:25pm, I got a text message from pastor which reads “The Lord will surely be with you despite all circumstances. I know you had an encounter with the Lord. I felt it and you eventually have a testimony to share but you can do that on Sunday. Just keep on praying and doing what ought to be done. The Lord will surely be with you.”

I replied her “thank you so much pastor.”

On Sunday when I was about going to church, I told my sister to follow me that she’d also benefit from the service.

She was staring at me confusingly.

“Bigi! you’re now the one telling me about church! You out of all people? Victor what is wrõng with you!” she exclaimed with staring at me.

“Purity I know this might sound crazy but I want to let you know that the former Victor is gone. I’m a new person entirely. I’ve given my life to Christ.” I said to her while adjusting the suit she made for me.

“I’m going no where!” She protested.

“If you don’t follow me to church, I’ll be so mad at you to the extent that you’d hate me. And I know you don’t want to see me in rage.” I swiftly retorted giving her a menacing look.

“Bigi, You want to force me to church. Okay okay okay fine I’ll go. But I’ll sit at the back seat. It’s because of you o.” She muttered.

“Whatever but what I know is you’re following me to çhurçh. Go and dress up let’s go. I give you 10mins.” I said to her and rushed to my room to get my tie.

After so much deliberations, We both went to the church and purity went to sit at the back. We actually got there when service had started.

When they opened room for everyone to share their testimony, I stood up and the aushers welcomed me to the altar.

I could see that joy written all over pastor’s face

“So Mr Victor. Tell us your full name and what the Lord has done for you.” The man said to me and handed me the microphone.

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