Pastor Helena episode 22


Written by Nicholas Stephen

Episode 22

(At the hospital)

“Blood of Jesus!!!” Pastor shouted.

“What happened to her and where is she right now?” She questioned while panting profusely.

“She had a terrible incident on her way home. But some individuals managed to rush her to the hospital on time. She was severely injured to the extent that the doctor is insisting that her left hand needs to be amputated for her to survive.”

“God fôrbid! That can never happen not under my watch. Hold on I’m coming right now let me go and get my car keys.”

“Thank you pastor. We are at Jovic hospital”

“I’m coming you have to trust the Lord. Everything is going to be fine. Nothing will happen to her. It will take me some hours to get to that hospital due to the distance but don’t worry just hold on I’ll be there.” She answered and aborted the call.

Mum’s call quickly came in

“Mum it’s victor.”

“Yes of course I know it’s you. What’s the problem because it’s late!”

“Mum it’s purity. An info came to me earlier on that she had a terrible incident. From what I was told, the driver immediately passed out.. They were three that they managed to pull out of the vehicle and they sustained various degrees of injuries… Mum there’s alot on ground and I don’t know what to do. Doctor has started working on her. I’ve called dad but he’s not responding..”

“You see what I’ve been telling the both of you! Follow me to church you wouldn’t listen. Ordinary to go to church you refused no matter how hard I tried Worst is that, You don’t even pray nor fast. They all went on deaf ears. Now deàth wants to take my daughter away. God fôrbid.”

“Jesus Christ. But why did you left her alone? Is the doctor with you.. I…I… I need need to to speak with the doctor… doctor right now!” mum protested.

“Mum I’m so sorry this is my fault. But mum I’ve changed. I’m no longer who I used to be… Mum believe me.” I pleaded.

“Is it today you’re telling me that? I’m your mum and you know I know you very well. Every time you will change. I said I need to speak with the doctor!” Mum shouted angrily.

Mum, please calm down. The Doctor told me to stay outside for now. Adding that they’ve commenced her surgery.”

“Oh God let nothing happen to my daughter. God I beg of you” Mum pleaded.

“Is there no worker there that I can speak with?”

“Mum except I’ll have to wait. He told me he’d attend to me shortly that I should exercise some patience. You know it’s late. Most of them are tired, some are already leaving.”

“Okay. I’ll discuss with your dad. Change of plans I think we’ll be coming home this week or next. I’ve missed my children. God Let nothing happen to my daughter.”

“So you mean out of those your friends that I normally see you with, no one is there with you?” Mum questioned.

“Mum it’s only one woman that’s on her way to the hospital after I tried to reach out to her. She’s actually a pastor.” I answered.

“You need to be very very careful. Don’t just trust anyone you see o. Be very careful. Give me her number let me speak with her.”

“Okay mum I’ll forward it to you right now. Check your SMS I’ve sent it. But I think she’s driving and might not pick up”

“Okay give me some time let me call her and talk to her. And please stay on alert. Don’t leave the hospital yet. Do you understand me!”

“Yes mum.”

“Follow me to church you won’t listen. Always claiming you’re right. Now see what it has resulted into. Everytime I’m a Philanthropist… Philanthropist indeed! you think you can survive this world without Christ. This wickèd world that we are in!” She said and cut the call

I called Helena’s line but it was telling me she was on another call.

I had to hold on or call back.

I tried calling Jennifer and she managed to pick up. When I told her she was heartbroken and told me she’d keep on praying for her.

I was seriously starving but I told myself that I won’t eat anything till I hear a positive news from the doctor

I sat in one of the chairs that was closeby and was there till 11:25pm.

Some were leaving the hospital with tears while others were rushing in some victims that were seriously sick likewise those with severe injuries.

“Jesus Christ. Oh God thank you for keeping me safe till this time. The oxygen we breathe in you created it for us. Father I thank you so much. Father you’ve been doing it, that’s why I always have faith in you. I believe that nothing will happen to her.” I said to myself waving both hands while observing the victims they were rushing in.

While I was there, a call from pastor came.

Immediately I was about answering the call, someone abruptly tapped me thrice on my back.

I quickly turned while holding my phone.

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