Pastor Helena episode 12


Written by Nicholas Stephen

Episode 12

[🔞( pls don’t bother to read this particular episode if you know you won’t be okay with it because it’s purely £r0tic. Thank you]

(£r0tic moments with Helena)

“Jesus Christ!” Pastor screamed in terror after spotting me f0ndling her @ss.

“Victor are you out of your sènses! Mashakalavadabataya! Victor are you not the one I’m talking to!!” She bellowed angrily, warding me off from the bed.

“Pastor I’m tried of waiting. I can’t bear this thing anymore, Please stop pretending like you’re not enjoying what I’m doing to you. I’m not a child! If you want me to continue you talk stop beating round the bush with your prayers!” I muttered and rushed back to meet her on the bed.

“Victor it’s okay, it’s okay. You’re a man and I understand how you feel but you need to stop this thing you’re doing stop. It’s against God’s will. Just stop!” She said while I c0ntinued to pull d0wn her sk1rt but she refused to let go.

“You’re just making this thing look difficult. Just remain silent let’s enjoy ourselves. This is my house and nobody will dare come and question us here. Not even my sister. See forget about church for now.”
After whispering this on her left ear, she quickly let go of her sh0rts and I pulled it down leniently.

She was just staring at me and exhaling. While I rolled my t0ngue down to her Pûs$sy and started e@ting her. Rhythmically l0rching it up to her tommy. I quickly pulled her t0p. Her breath became rapid. “Victor.. In short I don’t know what else to tell you.” She muttered while panting profusely.

“You can do anything you insist but I can’t give you sè£x please. I’m far older than you.” She remarked.

“But why?” I questioned her, pressing her stiffened bre@sts slowly with both hands.

“What you’re doing to me reminds me of my ex boyfriend. That was when I was still on campus. He was just interested in s£ex, and when I let him, he got me pregnant and then denied the pregnancy. I went to ab0rt it in order to prevent bringing humiliation to my family, particularly my mother. I imagined how she’d react if she found out I was pregnant by an unknown man.” She muttered panting heavily as I swayed my tongue on her bre@sts.

I brought out my left hand, immediately I was about to 1nsert it, she held it and said “No no no no you’re going too far stop this. I’m a pastor for crying out loud pls”

“Like I said. A word of this won’t get to anyone you just have to trust me.” I protested.

“No secret can be hidden under the sun hope you know? Even as it stands, God is right here watching. Victor, you’re indirectly putting yourself and me in danger; just stop what you’re doing.…. You need to…..”

Just as she was about to utter another statement, I l@id her 0n the bed, went on t0p of her, pulled my lips and k1ssed her. We kissed, l1cked e@ch other’s lips, exchanged s@liva to the point where she became acquainted and allowed me to f1nger her.

I got undressed and brought out my erêc¢ted d1ck and she gave me a confined bl0wjob of which I thought she had no idea of. I m9ãned ãnd gave her a devastating cumsh0t in her mouth. She went to the bathroom, spill out the spermmms and came back. I could feel the wind blowing through the air as I kept exerting my force on her, she m0aned loudly to the extent that I had to cover her mouth. She was fully wet m@king her pûs$sy well lubric@ted. Riding her hug9e fat @ss in a c0wgirl position made me felt like I was on top of the world. I tried everything possible to make sure I don’t cumm 0n her.

Every time I want to cûm on her, I would ejec¢t my d1îck, let the sperrms fall to the ground, then we fire down. I fû¢ckéd her till 2am. Before she collapsed on the bed and told me she’s tired. I was a sê£x professional, making it difficult for me to get tired.

Then I whispered to her “hope you’re not leaving tomorrow. Because I will still love to step on you tomorrow.”

“No no no I need to attend to my members in church please. Not tomorrow maybe another day.”

“Please.. You can tell them to postpone it, that you have something important to attend to.” I pleaded while f0ndling her bre@sts with both hands while she was seated and looking at me.

“Victor…Look at the ground, everywhere is filled with your spermms. Men and s£x! It’s alright I don’t have a final say yet but let’s see how it goes.” She muttered and fold her hands.

“Helena that one is less. I love you so much. In short your presence alone gives me joy. I think about you everyday. All the things you saw on the text, I wrote them for you personally. I wrote them to tell you how I feel about you” I said to her, wrapping both hands on her waist.

“Oh really? you actually remind me of someone. But why do men love s£êx so much?” She questioned me.

“I guess it’s already in our gene. But women also love s£x too. It’s vice versa because I’ve come across alot of ladies and I’m talking from experience” I muttered, smiling lavishly.

She kept staring at me, folding both hands.

“Helena, can we go for one more r0und this night?” I questioned her, staring at her wet pû$ssy and placing both hands on her l@ps.

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