Pastor Helena episode 20


Written by Nicholas Stephen

Episode 20

(Something happened)

“Greetings to you all. Ummm my name is Victor. I want to share with you, the brief encounter I had which changed my life for good. It all started the very first day I met pastor, she tried every means to bring me to church but I paid no attention at all. Truth be told, I’ve done a lot of awful things in this life. Few days ago I had a dream which actually portrayed most of the plans that God had for me. I’m truly grateful for everything. Now I fully understand what it takes to be a full member of Christ. Let me just stop here for time sake. Thank you Lord. Thank you father. Thank you Jesus. Thank you pastor.” I said while waving both hands to the members while also smiling at pastor.

Helena came and held another microphone.

“Your testimony is permanent in the mighty name of Jesus.”

“Amen!!!” I shouted while holding the microphone.

“And to any of you that’s being hunted from one affliction to the other, I send them back to the pit of hell. I hereby set you free in the mighty name of Jesus!!!”

“Amen!!!” all of us echoed.
“May the lord be with you” she said placing her hands on my forehead.

“Amen pastor.” I said with both hands lifted up.

The ushers escorted me back to my seat. When I turned to Jennifer she was so amazed. When I observed how everyone gave me a clap offering when I came out got me overwhelmed with joy.

We were about fifteen that came out to testify. When they finished sharing their testimonies, praises section began.

I rushed to meet my sister whom was sitting at the back seat.

“You’re just sitting down? come on! get up and dance. I said get up let’s dance!” I said while pulling her hands.

“Bigi! leave me naa. Please I’m not in the mood to dance. Remember you forced me to come here in the first place.” My sister protested, withdrew her hands and sat down with a straight face.

Pastor rushed over from where she was dancing and took my sister’s hands in his. Purity stood up, and the pastor began moving her body and dancing with her. I was surprised though because I wasn’t expecting her to come. It seems she observed how my sister was behaving.

My sister was simply frowning at me and moving her body as if she was dancing. I could tell she was merely acting.

When service elapsed, pastor informed purity and I to wait behind, that she had something to discussion with us.

So she came to attend to us.

“Purity I could sènse that something isn’t right. Talk to me what’s wrong?” She questioned my sister.

“I hated going to church and he knows. My brother forced me to come.” She said while pointing at me.

“But he did the right thing. You need to accept Jesus as your personal Lord and saviour. Those testimonies you saw, it’s the lord’s doing. Jesus is the only way. Even if you’ve backslided, you can run back to him. He will forgive you. It has worked for me and it will also work for you. Should I give you time to think about it?”

” I just can’t. Pastor I’m sorry. And you Bigi! I can’t believe you’ve changed.” My sister burst out in tears and left.

“Pastor let me go after her. You know she’s my sister, I can talk to her.” I objected and stood up.

“Don’t worry. Give her time to think. I understand her. She will definitely come back to me with an answer.” She said.

“Okay thank you pastor. Another thing is that my parents will be coming soon. I’ll take you to see them.”

“This is good news. Alright you’re free to come around okay. Everything that happened between us had been left as mere footprints. You’ve started a brand new life for yourself and you need to take it serious. It’s not going to be easy but it’s 100% possible. May the lord be with you.”

“Amen. Thank you pastor.” I answered.

“Alright you can go now. And as for your sister pls don’t force her okay, Trust me she will come back to me when she has finally made a decision.” She added and got up.

She went in then I took my bible and left.

I was super excited.

When I got home around 4:30pm, I couldn’t find my sister. I called her line and it was telling me switched off. At that moment I knew something was wrong because her phone’s battery was so strong that a full charge could last her for over a week.

A second thought came “well, maybe she was the one that switched off her phone because of what we said to her before she left. Let me still wait for a while.”

I waited till 8pm and the situation remains the same. I told myself that with God all things are possible.

I quickly got up and started praying in my room against any affliction brought up against her. I was praying for her safety.

While I was praying, my phone rang and I picked the call.

“Hello, good evening.”

“Hello. Am I speaking with Bigi!?”

“Yes. Yes sir. I’m Bigi! sir.”

“You need to rush to Jovic clinic right now. One young girl got a terrible accident and she’s right here with us in the hospital. She kept mentioning “Bigi! Bigi! Bigi!” till she fell unconscious. We managed to scan through her contact and we saw the name and decided to call the line attached to it.”

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