Pastor Helena episode 21


Written by Nicholas Stephen

Episode 21

(While I was in the hospital)

My heart skipped twice after hearing what he said.

“Blood of Jesus.” I exclaimed and exhaled.

“Hurry up. We are waiting for you. I’m one of the workers there. When you get there I’ll walk you in!” He added and aborted the call.

“Oh Jesus please protect my sister for me. Just like you’ve said in the book of John that whosever that believeth in you shall not perish but have an everlasting life. Nothing will happen to her. I believe!” I said to myself, holding my bible.

I dashed to the shower, got dressed, and stood by the roadside waiting for any passing vehicle.

Unfortunately, things didn’t go as planned. I had to wait around thirty minutes for a taxi to arrive. The vehicle then dropped me off. I managed to secure another vehicle which took me to the hospital. I spent twice as much money as I intended to spend because it was late and I was so eager to get to the hospital.

When I got there I called the number and the man came. He was on lab coat. He directed me to the doctor and left. The doctor took me inside the ward. I couldn’t believe my eyes seeing my sister’s body wrapped with bandages. I asked the doctor

“Please what happened to my sister.”

The doctor removed his glasses looking so sad. He said to me “from what I was told, she was seated next to the driver. The car had a severe auto accident. One of the vehicles that was heading in their way was hit by the car, which was travelling at top speed. The driver dîed instantly. Although three of them made it but they were severely injured and your sister happens to be one of them. Your sister suffered serious wounds. She needs to have her left hand severed in order for her to survive; otherwise, she might not. The other victims are still in their wards and you were lucky you came on time” Doctor muttered sympathetically.

“Some individuals managed to rush them here. I think it’s not been long about an hour plus or thereabout.” He added.

“Jesus Christ.” I burst out in tears and sat down on the floor.

“Doctor I’ll have to call my parents. I need to inform them. This is my fault. My God will never fail me. Purity, nothing will happen to you I sweàr.” I muttered in tears while staring at her unconscious on the bed. My hands were shivering as I kept scrolling through my contact list.

“This isn’t your fault. Don’t say that. No one knew that this would happen. I’m a doctor. I guess you were the Bigi that she kept calling. Clean your tears you’re a man okay.” Doctor added while putting on his glasses.

My real name is Victor sir. Bigi is just a nickname that my colleagues chose to call me. They gave me the name.” I said while contacting my dad.

“Okay victor, as you can see we’ve not started working on her. We only applied some medications to ease her with the pains and so she won’t lose much blood although she had lost alot of blood. So victor, what are you saying, we should start working on her?”

“Yes… Yes doctor. But please the hand I’ll discuss that with my dad first.” I objected in tears.

“What about the bills. You need to drop something I hope you understand?”

“Yes sir. I understand. Please start working on her. I don’t want anything to happen to her don’t worry about the bills. I’ll foot them. You know it’s late” I pleaded uncontrollably.

“Alright.” He said.

Dad failed to pick. I tried it again and no one was picking the call.

“Please you can make the call outside you know this is an hospital and we don’t tolerate noise it’s part of our rules here.” He protested.

“You can go. I’ll get back to you shortly. We are taking her to the surgery ward. Meet the person that brought you here.” He added and escorted me outside.

My face was filled with sympathy.

I kept wiping off my tears.

The street lights brightened up everywhere. In addition to the hospital Gen.

For the first time I was crying like a child.

I sighted the man who had escorted me inside. I was able to notice him because of the lab coat he was wearing. I raced to meet him and told him I needed to speak with him, but he said he was busy and would get back to me later. He also mentioned that he works there.

While I was just moving to and fro, I got a call. I was thinking it was my dad only to discover that it was my friend. I rejected the call.

He called again.

“I’m not in the mood to talk to you right now. Guy! this is a matter of life and deáth. I have something way beyond jokes to attend to,” I grumbled to myself and aborted the call.

I kept praying on my mind and something told me to call pastor.

I called her and she didn’t pick the call.
I called again and again but the situation remains the same.

“Jesus Christ why is everyone not picking my call! So this is how the devil plan to take my sister away from me!!!” I shouted while on my knees.

I called my mum line, while the phone was ringing another call came in and when I checked it was pastor.

I hung up mum’s call and picked her call.

“Hello victor. I’m so sorry for not picking up. I was in the bathroom. I actually went home late because of Ada. Alot of things I settled. I was shocked seeing over 5 missed calls. Victor what happened?” Pastor questioned eagerly.

“Pastor my sister’s life is at stake here.”
“What! Holy Ghost Fire!!!” She thundered.

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