Pastor Helena episode 17


Written by Nicholas Stephen

Episode 17

(That very day she joined me to cook)

We got home and I took her to the kitchen. “So do you live alone?” She questioned
“Not really. I’m currently staying here with my sister. My parents travelled.”

“So what about you. I’m planning on cooking stew rice. I know you’re a good cook.” I said smiling lavishly and bringing out some meat from the freezer.

“Okay. Should I give it a trial?” She said while smiling at me.

“Yeah sure. That’s gonna be wonderful! you can boil the rice let me prepare the stew okay?” I said while soaking the meat.

“Alright but please I just remember that I have somewhere to go after now. Which means that I’ll try and hurry up.”

“Alright.” I answered.

She finished boiling the rice and insisted on where to relax, then I took her to the sitting room, she drew her skirt up a little and sat down.

While I left her there I heard her talking to pastor. I was shocked. I hurriedly left the stew to boil and drew my ear close to where she was to hear what they were saying.

They were actually talking about a programm scheduled to hold the following week.

When she finished with the call, I stylishly asked her what the program was about.

“Oh oh it’s actually a night vigil coming up next month pastor is informing us on time so we can make preparations. Mostly we that are in various departments in church.”

“Oh okay, so the night vigil will take place in church or somewhere else?” I questioned her why vividly staring at her chest.

“Ummm no location for now.. I think something is burning… I guess it’s the Stew..” she said while coughing and pressing her chest.

“Oh oh sorry. I’m so sorry. Let me go and turn off the gas cooker. I’ll also get you some water when coming.” I added while patting her shoulders. Then I went to turn off the gas took a can of water and handed it to her.

She finished drinking and I asked her if I could dish her some rice and she told me to go ahead.

While I was dishing the food one of my very good friend arrived with my sister. I left what I was doing and opened the door for them.

He greeted me and went to the parlour with my sister. Then my sister later came back to meet me in the kitchen looking stunned.

“Victor you cooked rice? She whispered.

“Yes I just finished cooking. Please I also have a guest and I need to be alone with her. I hope you understand.” I whispered to her in the kitchen.

“Okay okay you can go. I’ll attend to him.” Purity said to me while dishing some on her plate.

I carried the plate of rice, added two spoons and delivered it to Jennifer in the sitting room.

“Thank you. Victor.” She said, prayed and started eating.

“Alright come and join me to eat. Although I won’t eat much though.” She muttered.

“Okay. So how’s it, delicious?” I chuckled.

“Wow.. This is truly awesome. This is really wonderful. I’m really impressed. But don’t forget that if not for me you’d have burnt the stew, giving it a terrible taste. When else you’re cooking always watch out.” She said as she continued devouring the meal.

“While I was eating, I purposely fell my spoon. I excused myself and explained that my spoon had accidentally fell down.

She said I’m free that she had no problem with that.

I diligently bent beneath the table, and looked inside her skirt. Pushing one of the chairs behind me to create a little distraction. But because she wasn’t spreading her legs out all that much, I couldn’t see what I wanted properly. but noticed that she was wearing tights.

“Spread your legs naa. Hmmm I hope she won’t be as stubborn as Helena.” I said to myself.

“Victor come try and hasten it up so that you can join me in devouring this meal okay.” She added.

“Okay okay I’m almost done.” I protested, stared at it once more and quickly got up.

“So Victor. How far with your spiritual life. Hope you’ve been praying consistently.” She asked. Hope you’ve been going through your Bible.”

“Jennifer, pastor actually told me that there’s nothing wrõng for one to admire someone. I want to know if are in support of what she said.”

“Okay but I’ll be leaving in about thirty minutes time. So concerning what you said. The Bible said love your neighbour as yourself, which automatically implies that you’re free to love anyone, admire anyone and mind you, there are limits as well and I believe you know what I mean.” She said while dropping her spoon.

“Limits how? because I don’t understand.” I said while acting as if I didn’t understand what she was saying.

“Okay the Bible also made it clear that there are some certain things we need to refrain from so as to flee from sin things like, fornicãting, commîting adultêry, steãling, lying and many more.”

“Okay, okay I understand. I know you’ll be leaving soon but can you just tell me more about yourself. Are you single, married, or maybe already have a partner? because you look so beautiful to the extent that I can’t keep my eyes off you.” I muttered with both eyes fixed directly on her chest.

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