My father’s wife season 1 episode 14


Episode 14

Rushing home as fast as i could, i zoomed past ahmed who was still in the process of raising his hand in the air and shout “Oga sky”, this time before he could utter “O” i was already in front of our door .

Jessy was not in the house, her room was my first port of call on arriving home.
I headed for my own room, dropping my phones on the bed collapsed my weight on the bed hearing it give out a soft creaking groan.

My face was on my palms, and my eyes fixed on the two phones that lay before me. The iphone6 dwarfing my iphone4 by a couple of inches, its shiny gold colour was more than beautiful.
“Have you seen what you have caused me?” I questioned the innocent phone that just seemed to ignore my question.

My mind was drawn back to few minutes backwards as Amanda walked gracefully into the hotel room clapping her hands in a slow and steady rhythmized pattern which her high heel shoes giving a back up sound.

The thunderous slap she landed on my face after i slipped into my boxer, got down from bed and wanted to muster an explanation that i don’t even know how that was supposed to work, but my predicament was beyond thinking.

“You stupid boy” She barked gazing directly into my eyes, i could see her eyes getting a bit wet.
Before i could say ‘wait’ another slap covered my face sending tiny sparks off my eyes.

Nancy just stood there, covering her unclad body with the white bed spread mopping at Amanda with a pleading facial expression.
“And you w—e. i thought you were my friend”, she calmly approached Nancy who stood just after the bed looking like a greek sculpture.

My mind switched off to whatever they were saying, I wore back my clothes in a strangely slow manner stealing little glances at them just enough to see amanda pointing a shaking finger at Nancy who just watched with words flying out of her mouth. “Don’t ever come to my house again”.

I picked my phones **I no go leave my sweet new phone na, i worked for it**walked out of the hotel room met again by the searching eyes of the receptionist who kept her eyes on me until i was out of the premises walking briskly, this was no time to think in my situation.

“Sky! Sky!!… Come down here” Amanda’s voice thundered from the sitting room sending an unnecessary scare down my spine.
I dragged myself down, eyes fixed on the floor.

Her legs were thumping on the floor with hands akimbo, beads of sweat clearly showed on her face washing out her make ups. Her tank top clearly allowing some over contoured cleavage that seemed as if they were just peeping, the black leggings hugged her tightly, I don’t why but Amanda was still a goddess.

“How could you?” She barked punching me on my chest.
My vocal cord went dumb, i opened my mouth but no words could come out.
“But why exactly is Amanda reacting this way, its not like we have any relationship going on or something” my heart yarned.

“Am sorry” I managed to say even without knowing why and for what. If she could get hurt that i bleeped someone else that means she wont even allow me marry my own wife.

“Shut up” she thundered with another slap landing squarely on my face making move back two steps.
“Sky you don enter am today naa”

Amanda shouted and barked clearly showing she was hurt and heartbroken. And the fact that this was my Step mum and not my girl friend gave me goose bumbs.

My lust for material things have landed me to a point where i wish i never did all the things i did.
Amanda snatched the iphone6 from hand, looked at it front and back with pouted lips and obvious contempt. one could think the phone was her enemy here and not me.

“So sky it was because of this nonsense that you stooped so low to betray me like that. Why didn’t you come to me?”
Amanda’s shrieking voice pierced my heart with scare and remorse and i dont even know why i should be sorry.

Before another “Am so…” could make it’s way from the back of my throat to the tip of my lips amanda sent the phone to hell.
A crashing sound followed by echoing resounds of tiny glasses filled my ears, my face was dragged downwards as i watched the debris with an apple logo, tiny bits of it could be seen scattered round the floor.

“Chisooooooos!!!” i yelled with tears forming at the back of my head but it was impossible to shed.
“Everything i worked for gone within seconds just before me”
The scare i felt was replaced with anger, the sorry i felt became rage.

Amanda stood there watching me, she was suddenly as calm as a lake, the lines that once filled her face was now gone taking her face back to the default setting.

I was confused, angry and tired. I felt an impulse to slap Amanda to pieces but what will that achieve and papa would literally send me to hell fire if he finds out.

My hands with a mind of it’s own grabbed amanda by the neck, a threatening blow pointing to her face.
My hands were shaking, body was quaking and whole body now drenched in a sudden sweat that felt alien.

My words were lost, Amanda’s eyes were filled with remorse and fear of what might follow.
“Sky stop it!” Thats a new voice totally and am sure amanda coudn’t say it with my hand on her neck.

I titled my face sharply to the direction of the voice and Jessy stood there, mouth open, eyes filled with searching surprise, fear and questions.

“Sky i said stop it” Jessy shrieked again this time looking directly into my eyes.
my hands lost their grip on Amanda, i walked over to Jessy with my tearful eyes looking at her can see hers to where becoming tearful too.

I wish i could just tell her everything and unshackle myself from all this, i wish she could just hug me now and tell me to calm down.
I could hear faint sound of Amanda’s voice uttering “Am sorry”.

“I am going back with you on monday to nsukka” I announced to Jessy with those searching eyes trying to read my thoughts again.

Ignoring Amanda, i left both of them in the sitting room and matched up to my room.

I hated my life now.

..To be Continued..

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