My father’s wife season 1 episode 5


episode 5

The night was like hell for me. . . having to stay awake almost half of the night with my d**k not making matters easy for me.

Even when i managed to catch a little sleep, the kiss and the naked pictures of Amanda kept on flashing in my dream is full HD ..

“What type of wahala have papa gotten me into, which kind winsh be this one na” I hissed

I managed to scale through in one piece as morning arrived after taking like forever.
The much desired morning arrived and i woke up in the wrong side of the bed, feeling a bit woozy and a throbbing headache.

I dashed into my bathroom to do the morning tradition and you know normally we guys always have early morning hard ons.
I took a piss, brushed my teeth and entered the shower.

“Good morning sky” i heard Amanda’s voice as the shower water ran down through my body.
i was sure that voice came from inside my room or somewhere very near.

I hurriedly stepped out of the shower, tied a towel around my waist and stepped out to see.

Amanda was seated on my bed, still clad in her very short but transparent nighty.
I could almost make out the aurora around her nipples.

“Good morning ma” I greeted with a mischievous smile.
I am starting to think this girl is always doing this on purpose, i bet she enjoy teasing me and at the same time tormenting my life with permanent erections.

Amanda asked if i slept well, to which i lied and replied the affirmative.
she then announced breakfast was ready and bundled her blissful heaven with her out of my room, suddenly she turned sharply as she got to the door, i tilted my face to the left sharply but i was sure she caught me being hypnotized by those backside cus an evil smile adorned her face.

“Abeg i have had enough” i cursed, i really needed to get off badly or my head might burst.
I picked my phone and sent Joy a whatsapp message.

ME: Hey babe good morning
JOY: Good morning boo, how are you?

ME: Am ok just missing u ma cup cake.
JOY: Am missing u too

ME: Can you come over to the house today, i really need to see u.
JOY: I have somewhere going ooo… but uuhm ok i will be there 11am, anything for my baby boo.

ME: hahaha thanks baby…i will be waiting…luv u
JOY: Luv you too dear .

My mood brightened all of a sudden, Joy is coming over and you know what that means.
I hurriedly made my bed, tidied my room, hid some dirty clothes that littered around.

When i was satisfied with my creativity and efficiency in tidying up a room within minutes, i rushed down to the dinning to join Amanda at the dinning for a breakfast of fried egg and plantain, with an ear to ear grin worn on my face selling away my happiness.
** ** ** **

“John, someone is looking for you” i heard Amanda’s voice call out to me.
I was sure it was Joy as i sprang out of bed to rush downstairs..
But wait, Amanda just called me by my real name and not Sky like she normally does, anyway no bad shaaa.

I joined Amanda in the sitting room, she was sitting on a cushion watching Channel O, Joy was standing against the wall like a criminal that have been cornered by the police, lol am sure she didnt expect to see anyone like before.

Her neatly plaited hair packed the back, colourless lip gloss that she knows i like kissing.
Her b0obs was bustily exposing a great deal of cleav@ge hugged in a tight white top with pink edgings.

Her slightly curved legs was peeled into a black leggings that you could make out her p**sy m—-s if you looked harder.
I rushed to joy, gave her a light hug, announced to Amanda that i was going up to my room which she just shrugged and waved.

I led joy up to my room, looking back for a second to see amanda looking at us with visible contempt on her face and obvious jealousy buttered in anger.. “whats her problem?” i queried by mind.

“Baby, who is that girl and she obviously do not like me” Joy intoned on getting to my room.
“Eeehm thats my dad’s new wife, dont worry about her abeg”

“New wife?” she exclaimed in surprise.
“eeeeeh naaa new wife, she for be old wife before?” I yapped out sharply very eager to jump into the business of the day.

I bleeped Joy like a mad dog that day, was sure that was the first time i banged her so ferociously .
Expectedly i was thinking about amanda while i was bleeping Joy, even her moans and my name she gr0aned couldnt change that.

I was sure i saw someone’s shadow lurking behind the door as i bleeped joy. . **na that person sabi shaa wetin concern me gan**

I and joy ended up having 3 wonderful bouts of s£x leaving us exhausted but strangely even after all that, their was this s£xual tension, a sort of unsatisfaction that still was surging deep inside me but evidently Joy cant quench that.

…To Be Continued…🔞

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