My father’s wife season 1 episode 18


Episode 18

I don’t know if Jessy is a witch, or maybe she went to the school of Witchery and Wizardry like Harry potter.
The evily smirk that covered her face immediately she stepped into the room working her eyes all over the place like some kind of detective.

The winks she threw at me while i pretend to be engrossed in whatever nonsense they were doing in NTA from the 14inches television they had in their room.
Chioma was on the bed sleeping or something near to that with the yellow top and jean bum short she was clad in back to default settings.

“sky let it not be what am suspecting ooo” A message bearing the name skybeauty jolted me out of my pretentious tv watching.

“Ogini?” i typed back looking back to look at jessy who just smiled wickedly and winked hard.
“You and chioma bleeped right?” Her message followed in seconds making the plastic chair i was on to turn as hot as a pan set on fire.

I looked back sharply again, casting a surprise and stern look at jessy who just laughed hard and dropped on the bed making chioma turn.
“I knew it, love nwantiti” She sent again still laughing a hollywood-like sinister laugh..

“Jessy you no well leave me alone joooor” I fired back dropping my phone to let her know the chat was over.

** ** ** ** **

Cynthia was clad in a light blue three quarter short with a white tank top buttered in from above.
The night was windy and moonless, trees and perky grasses around the compound swayed and danced together giving out gossiping sounds.

Nepa has done their own resulting to thick pitch darkness intensified by the missing glow of the moon.
The night was cold and slightly hazy everyone were inside their rooms, you could make out laughters and shouts buttered in dimming amber beams flickering out the windows visible.

Papa called and i am to report back to Enugu tomorrow which precisely will make it 2weeks i was away.
My relationship with Chioma got a bit intense inside the room after jessy found out or i think her partner in crime chioma told her. but i made sure our relationship never crossed the door to showcase outside, it has been a period of sexu@l bliss she never missed a chance to drag me to bed whenever Jessy steps out.

But this particular night i have intended to try my luck with cynthia before eventually living nsukka for enugu in the morning.
The certainty of joy her voice betrayed when i called and told her i will like to meet her beside jessy’s house where we usually hang for little conversations was too clear to me.

10pm; Chioma already gone to be and Jessy was reading with the aid of a rechargeable LED lantern, i dragged myself outside with the delicate figure of cynthia already seated with the phone in her hands casting a silvery glow over her face.

**Mission last night in nsukka was in play**
“Hey you are looking beautiful tonight” I announced running my hand through her back. I dont need nepa to show me she was blushing

I dragged her up from the seat and took her position and drew her down to seat on my lap, the surprise and smile on her face sandwiched in a soft giggle spurred me on, with jnr sky shouting “carry go” inside my boxer.

“Sky am feeling cold oo” She announced amidst giggles dragging my hands round her body and sinking her weight back into me.
** chai o setigo (e don set)**
I ran my hands up and down her stomach making sure i brush pass the base of her boobs.

She turned sharply with her eyes seemingly slightly close, her breathe were becoming more noticeable and her whole body stiff like a bag of cement.
In a second she sank her face deep into mine, her t0ngue, lips invading mine with the tip of nose crashing into my slightly broad nose.

The heaviness of her breathe and the unrhythmized frequency her stomach rose and fell.
My hand grabbed her b00bs tight, could feel a br@ below the tank top, but i squeezed it anyway making her intensify the kiss.

Her hands strayed and rubbed jnr sky through the thick jean material i wore, making jnr sky try in vain to get free.
she grabbed my s—t through my trouser and gave it a slightly h@rd squeeze **Ok that hurt a bit**

my l1ps dug int0 her neck nibbl1ng and kissing with reckless abandon, the caress of her b00b intensified as more signals are sent to my hands that worked tirelessly on the twin new york towers.

My hands disappeared into her three quarter, manipulating her c–t vigorously making her mo@n my name into my ears which sent slight tingled down to jnr sky.

“Sky!!!” An alien voice sounded, tilting my face to the side;

CHIOMA was standing just a few steps away, hands on her waist looking at us.

..To Be Continued..

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