My father’s wife season 1 episode 20


episode 20

A shrieking car honk, and the thunderous roar of our gigantic iron gate as Ahmed pulled it open jolted me up from my sleep dragging me forcefully out of wonderland where i was frolicking with Alice.

I peeped through my window overlooking the compound and saw Amanda’s murano jeep pulling into the compound with evening sun reflecting on the shimmering chassis.
My heart sank and rose again sending blood gushing from my heart into Jnr sky “The goddess is back” I smiled to myself.

Hearing the front door open and close with a careless bang i knew she was already inside the house.
I fell back on the bed taking a quick scan of my sparkling room again like a rat in a mouse trap.

My door cracked open with a hard bang thundering open and amanda barged in almost immediately.
She was adorning a white tank top with lips designs of many colours, a black leggings hugging her laps tight running all the way down to her long straight legs which flowed tight in a black cover high heel shoes.

Her golden necklace bearing her name on it, a flowing extra-long hair going down to the back.
Those beautiful pair of eyes in a dark toned mascara and a pink gloss and white handless hand purse.

I sprang up from bed beaming with a hard smile and a popped eyes taking in all her upgraded features **She really changed some accessories…winks**

Amanda dove body full into me jamming my body tight in a wild embrace sending me crashing down on my back with her on top.
A yet wild and hard kiss followed immediately smearing her lip stick all over my lips, her tongue delving into mine.

“I missed you so much sky” She announced delving her tongue again into mine with full force with her right hand slipping down and grabbing junior sky through my boxer.
my hands grabbed her out of the world @sses that are being contoured beautifully by the tight leggings she wore.

Giving the @ss a hard squeeze the back of my brain switched as a m**n escaped her mouth into my ears.
On a normal routine with Joy, squeezing her @ss was not something i normally do, she being just a manageable size when it comes to her @ss region, but this goddess in my arms could make Nicki Minaj jealous with the size and beauty of her a*s.

Amanda’s lips traced down my chest, taking my smallish perky n1pples in her mouth twirling around it with her tongue sending chilly cold down my whole frame making me go numb with intense pleasure.

“Am so sorry about everything sky” She breathed out still working her lips on my chest tracing down my stomach and her hand still assaulting junior sky who was already begging to be set free.

“It’s ok, i am no longer angry” I moaned out, more like a gr0an intensifying my grip on her a*s.
**Who would stay angry in such situation.**

I felt amanda’s lips graze down my stomach heading towards my pubic region dragging my boxer down in a flash setting junior sky free from the fly.

She resumed her kiss on my lips, her tongue exploring deeper into my mouth, her hand rubbing up and down junior sky which now was throbbing hard from the intense pleasurable illegal assault.

I could swear i heard something like a car honk but it sounded very faint and passive.
We live in Independence layout one of the richest residence in Enugu city so car honkings were kind of an every second stuff.

I watched Amanda traced her lips now towards Jnr sky that was receiving a beautiful treatment from her soft baby-like hands.
I lay helplessly my whole muscles feeling numb and paralysed in a beautiful way.

I watched as her lips opened and descended on jnr sky swallowing it as far as her lips could go making my toes curl hard and eyes half closed in an involuntary manner. My head was sub-consciously nodding as i felt her cold yet warm m0uth engulf jnr sky like it’s her possession.

My whole body stretched hard and my mouth flew open with mild gr0ans flying out from the back of my throat in more like a froggy croak.
This lady has me at her mercy, she has clasped me hard in the clutches of her lust that i can’t see any hope of escaping.

Feeling myself nearing towards the finish line as her lips worked up and down my s—t twirling the tip expertedly.

I heard something like a thud announce from the door yet sounded faint
I shut my eyes tight, body stiffening hard i knew i was seconds away from blowing my load as i held her head tight as her lips made my s—t disappear and appear in a shimmering fluid manner.


“Wait did i just hear a voice” my mind raced drifting me out of my hypnotized state.

“Nnam are you in” Papa’s voice was clear and loud this time and i could make out his thudding footsteps approaching my room from the stair case.

“Chisooooooooos” i blurted out .
Papa is back and is just a few steps away from my room now..

..To be Continued..

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