My father’s wife season 1 episode 10


Episode 10

“What am i doing?”
“Am i not going deeper into this than i should?”
“Can i ever free myself from this sweet poison that have corrupted my entire being in the shackles of unbound lust and desires?”
What about my papa?”

This questions ladened my heart as i mopped at a crisp wad of 1000 naira notes 30 in number as it rested on my bed looking back at me with the two heads of those guys seeming to smile directly at me.

“Why don’t you just forget all this useless guilt and nack this lady maga since she is ready to give money, open office for im head” an alien thought countered the rush of guilty conscience that swayed around me.

I picked up the money, waved it a bit and smiled to my self, how many people gets this in a month but i just got it within a few hours even after getting a b—–b and a sexy goddess riding my s—t. I think i have to play this game to the fullest.

My phone blinked and vibrated snapping me out of my money gripped smirk.

A whatsapp message from an unsaved number stared back at me.

number: Hello sky
me: Hi
**viewed the pic, it was a lady with a strange and familiar face that i couldn’t even recall where i have seen before**

me: Goodpm, please who is this?
number : lol.. so you cant remember you dumb boy… its me nancy ur step mothers friend.

Me: oh sorry ma. ** and why is she sending me a whatsapp message, where exactly did she get my number or could it be that Amanda gave her my number**

Nancy went on to explain how she stole my number from my step mum’s phone without her knowing, that she just loves me naturally and would want to be close to me.

Strangely i already knew what she wanted, and am sure Amanda must have relayed to her my escapades with her.
And now another married lady wants me to come and bleep her, the worse is that she is not even as beautiful as i want.

“Nnam.. bia (come)” i heard papa’s voice call out to me, surely from the sitting room.

Papa was adorning a green crisp flowing agbada, that shimmered and made crispy noises when he moved his hands to take the over sized flowing hands upwards to the top of his shoulder.

A cap that goes to one side of the head made from the same material as the cloth hung on his head, making me look harder to see if i can notice any yoruba tribal marks on him too.

Amanda was adjusting the clothes and stretching it here and there and papa’s big fat hands found solace at her back resting on her bumz and a familiar mumu-like grin covering his face.

“Good morning dad” I announced, papa didn’t even see me when i joined them. ** how could he, when his hands are resting on top of heaven itself**

“Nnam you are here… ” he retorted casting a lustful look at amanda who didnt even move an eyelash to show she knew i was there. “i thought you are talking to me, why look at her” i queried papa in my mind. it was obvious enough that those ass have got papa chained too.

“Good morning ma” i threw at amanda amanda making sure my eyes met hers.
Her white satin-like short dress that was a bit too tight at the waist region and flowwy just at the thighs like a miniature version of ballerina dress with full red rose designs, but a greater part of her those one million thighs were visible.
**no wonder this man open teeth like mumu**

“Good morning sky” she replied casting a lustful look at me buttered in a smile.

“Nnam i am going abuja now, the state governor is going on a trip to see the president………….**The rest i heard was governor this and president blah blah blah, senators, chairman bla bla and blah**
what made this man think am interested in any political mumbo jumbo.”

“We will be there for three days so i will be home on monday” Papa continued.
“Please take care of your mum for me” aaaah now this one i heard clearly, i smiled to myself.
“am gonna take real good care of her” my heart leaped and shouted… and we the expression on Amanda’s face am sure she wasn’t from what i was thinking.

Hitting my room with full speed i landed on my bed with a thud making the bed groan .
“This three days is gonna be heaven” i said out loud with an evily laugh, raising two clenched fist in the air like C.ronaldo when he scores a fantastic goal.

My phone shrieked in a loud ring, looking at it am sure it was the same number that sent me a whatsapp message making me shrug and roll ma eyes.

“Hello ma”
“Sky please dont call me ma, just call me nancy” her overly exaggerated slim voice sang back from the ear piece.
“ok nancy” i said blushing even tho she wasn’t with me.

“Can you come to Confidential hotel in ogui road tomorrow morning being saturday” her voice blurted out sending an electric wave of slight tingle down my spine.
**Hotel kwa!!**

“Just come to room 213 by 9am, please dont keep me waiting unless you wouldn’t want the iphone6 i just got for you” she said with a slight chuckle.

Just the mention of iphone6 made me feel like throwing my iphone4 away or smashing it against the wall.
“What? an iphone6?” I asked her back to be sure it wasn’t something else she said.. only for her to laugh and say “yes babe, just saw it and thought you would love it”
**Babe kwa!!!**

“Ok i will there ma.. sorry nancy” am sure it was the iphone6 that said that and not me.
I am well aware of what nancy wants but even if nancy is not too hard to resist, iphone6 definately is impossible for me to resist.
I will be the first in my group of friends to have one …

“Should i go for the iphone6 or not?”

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