My father’s wife season 1 episode 12


Episode 12

“chisooos” i jumped up pulling up my short and scampering around the sitting room for my shirt.
Amanda who looked a bit clueless and disappointed, ran upstairs to Papa’s room with her panties in her hands.

I had many things to worry about; My shirt was in Jupiter and my h@rd big very visible erecction.
“Sky what is it naa, come and open this door na” Jessy’s voice came again sending more confusion into my head.

I was scampering left and right but achieving nothing in particular, my erecti0n still showed and i only managed to hand my shirt on my shoulder before cracking the door open for Jessy.

“Sky whats wrong with you, why did you take all that time before opening the door? She queried casting a peering questioning look at me. I always wonder if she is trying to look into my mind when ever she looks at me that way. Their was this one time i lied to her, after she gave me that look for complete 2minutes without uttering a word i blew out all the truth to her.

“Sky talk na… Cat got your tongue?” Her voice came yet again with those mind piercing looks still on me.

“uuhm ..eeehm i.. i was doing press up” My stammering voice uttered out looking back sheepishly at Jessy who seems as if she already knows what i was hiding.

“When did you become a stammerer eeh sky. why exactly did it take you that long to open that door” she came yet again this time her eyes moved down to my cr0tch area then rises to my face as those mind reading gaze intensified on me.

Beads on sweat ran down my face, Jessy always had a way of finding out what she wants from me than anyone else, even the FBI would be jealous.
Its like she knows me in and out more than i even know myself.
Just a look from her will make me betray my deepest secrets.
**mtcheeeeew i hate being a twin**

“nothing biko, i just told you i was exercising” I threw back at her trying to laugh when no one have said anything funny, Only got Jessy even more curious.

“Hiaaan sky how many times have i seen you exercise in this house, here is now a basketball court?” I felt as if her hands could pierce my mind, bring out the information she needed and i shuddered at the thought.

“Bia skybeauty ozugo (its ok)” I forced out, trying to cover everything up, if this girl keeps interrogating me like FBI now, i fear i might tell.

“Jessy!!” thats definitely Amanda’s voice.
Amanda walked down the stairs with a broad smile on her face, no make up and was now clad in a blue trousers with a red top above, those b00bs shaa… Ever wondered how girls could repackage wella within a twinkle of an eye.

I could feel Jessy’s eyes look from me to Amanda then to me again and Amanda again.
“Hope say this girl is not aware oo, but she cant naa she be winsh?” I assured myself sub-consciously giving a slight nod in affirmation to my thoughts.

“Good afternoon aunty” Jessy sang out, with a smile on her face as amanda came and they clasped in a light hug.
Ok even tho Jessy knows me inside out, i can still say i know her well enough to know that smile she was wearing wasn’t real but none the less i thanked Amanda for showing up when she did cus i can’t vouch for what could have happened if she didn’t.

I sheepishly carried Jessy’s bag to her room with my hands around her neck as we walked to her room, Amanda have disappeared into the kitchen to make lunch i guess.

Am sure Jessy still didn’t trust the answers i gave her but she stopped pushing for the time being am sure
. I asked her about school and about Chioma; Her roommate in school who is kinda obsessed with me, haven’t met her tho but she asks about me more than my own girl friend.
Their is never a time Jessy comes home without something from chioma, and their is no one that beats the amount of messages i get from chioma on whatsapp.

“Your wife is fine ooo, she even gave me a wrist watch for you” Jessy laughed out, she have always wanted to set me up with chioma tho i maintained aloofness.

Heading back to my room, i banged the door shut and fell down back first on the bed.
“Why dah heck did Jessy have to show up when she did?” why didnt she delay about an hour or two” I lamented.

I was a bit happy Jessy didn’t bust me or find out what happened but honestly i wont forgive her for appearing when she did and spoiling everything for me **mtcheeeeew** she didnt even tell me she was coming home.

Anyways i have an iphone6 to get tomorrow, atleast that is something to smile and look forward to.

..To be continued..

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