My father’s wife season 1 episode 9


Episode 9

On coming back home after my basketball practise, i was clad in a white basketball short with a white Los angeles lakers basketball jersey and a white head band branded with miami heat logo, for my mind i was feeling like lebron james with my ball in hand.

I walked past Ahmed who didn’t bother engaging me in any conversation, he knew i was tired. But still he didn’t fail to call me “Oga Sky” beaming a smile at me very colourful with that yellow teeth.

The evening was a bit hazy, as twilight slowly gave way to full blackness of a young night.

I peered through the hazy dim twilight but the white lexus jeep was no longer there anymore.
“Better, she have left. No you for stay more naa”

But as i got closer to the car park, Papa’s huge black infiniti jeep was packed outside.

I tiredly dragged myself inside wearing a long face and hungry to the marrows.
Papa was on the couch watching NTA boring news as usual with his bare stomach protruding like that of a heavily pregnant woman but only that papa’s is broad and not pointed like that of a typical pregnant woman..

“I wonder what attracted Amanda to this man physically, nawa ooo”
“Good evening Dad” i greeted halting in the sitting room to greet papa who smiled as he looked back.

“Nnam welcome, nnoo” papa intoned in igbo, giving me that usual smile that i always like to see.
Could hear clanging sounds of wares from the direction of the kitchen and i knew She was in the kitchen cooking..

Dinner was uneventful and unbearably boring, papa always warned i and jessy never to speak while eating so i had to endure listening to them talk all this trash that i don’t even find funny but yet they laugh.

Amanda kept on stealing glances at me, as i silently and hastily downed my plate of ede soup soup wedded with semovita.

“Leave the door to your room open” a whatsapp message from my step mum read, making me smile evily as my fingers worked on a reply.

“It have never been locked” i replied accompanying it with a naughty devil smiley.

Throwing my phone careless on the bed, i jumped on it stretching my whole frame to cover the bed, looking down occasionally at my semi-hard junior sky below as my mind worked on the possibilities of the night.
Until unknowingly and involuntarily i was dragged by nature to dream land…

I could feel a warm sweet sensation on my thighs and somewhere that feels like my d–k.
It was both cold and warm but a little more intense that both.

My eye lids lazily worked itself open, could make out little shapes in my room.
The bright coloured white wall with golden stiff curtains covering each window, the yellow glow cast by the electric bulb beaming down on me.

I took my face to my cr0tch area where the strange sensation that woke me up was coming from.
Amanda was on my d–k and i could see her lips wrapped round it as she s—-d on it.

“Oh my Gawd. Is this real life or is this one of the dreams” i questioned myself looking down at her with mouth agape, eyes slightly closed yet their was no sleepiness in them anymore.

Her face tilted up, she gave me a relaxing smile and asked me to lie back.
I did as commanded still looked down at what she was doing.
The way she licked the tip, then lick all the way through the side then junior sky would disappear into her mouth only to appear again when she lifts her face taking her lips along leaving my d–k shimmering under the glow casted by the light.

my toes curled hard as i grabbed the bed post hard clenching my teeth as she mesmerized my life with her magic.
“Oh i love you” I started speaking in tongues making her chuckled in a muffled tone induced by the me@t in her mouth.

She moved up and crawled on top of me bringing her face to mine and her lips found mine, her tongue delved into mine as i s—-d on it and her hand wanked on my d–k sub-consciously.

“Just relax and enjoy the ride” She whispered into my ears as she slowly slid off the nightie short she was wearing and there u have it, she was not even wearing p@nties.

Her p—y lips seemed swollen and it wasn’t hard to notice little shimmering of it due to her juices.

She got on top of me with junior sky pointing upwards like my oga at the top.
Seating astride me she positioned my d–k at the entrance of her p—y making me moan out in anticipation with my legs jerking like its been hit.

She grabbed my hands and dragged them up to those two beautiful twins on her chest, i attacked them as ferociously as possible with my brains now obviously on a trip to south africa.

Her warmness engulfed me, my face turned pale as i felt her slowly lower her self onto my d–k.
A slight groan escaped my throat making me her smile as she began to ride me.

My eyes closed and opened at interval like Nigerian nepa, my toes curled and my heart beat increased to 100beat per minute.

I watched my d–k disappear and appear as she bounced up and down on me, moving her hips in a circular and kelewa-ish way.
She was fully in possession of me, my mind and body have been possessed fully by this lady and i don’t see any hope of escape.

My gr0ans became faster and a bit louder which she muffled by placing her hands over my mouth.
“Ur dad is sleeping” she whispered to me flashing that spell casting naughty smile.

I was forced over the edge immediately, my whole body convulsed and quaked.
My toes curled hard and my legs shook without control as i blew my load.

Electrifying waves of orgasmic lightning surged through my spine making me clench my teeth hard.

She slowly slumped down into me and her lips found mine again in another explosive kiss leaving me breathless.

“I have to go now” she announced immediately as she slid off me, entered my bathroom and emerged a minute after with her nightie short back in position.

I watched her bundle her angelic heavenly heavy blissful bumz out, blew a kiss to me at the door and disappeared into the hall way.

5 minutes later a whatsapp message entered my phone and it was her;
“You are the best my baby… I will give you 30k tomorrow to do whatever you like with…Goodnight” **kiss smiley**

wooow 30k no be moi-moi” my mind leaped as i smiled to myself…leaping myself up in my lying position
Then all of sudden that odd melancholy feeling over took me again..

“What dah heck are you doing Sky???”

..To be Continued..

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