My father’s wife season 1 episode 3


episode 3

Rushing into my my room, i banged the door shut and fell on the bed with a thud unclad and my d**k harder than any rock.

“What dah f–k did i just do?”
“Why did i remove my clothes before entering the bathroom?”
“What dah heck was she even doing in there, Dad has the biggest bathroom in the whole house.”

I could still recall the look in her eyes when i barged in…
A mixture of both surprise and naughtiness…

Her eyes grew wider and an alien evil smile covered her face as i saw her eyes glued to my d–k, i was transfixed in my position for a little more than 10 seconds not knowing what to do or say.

I barged into the bathroom to pour a cold water all over myself and regain my sanity, i already peeled off my clothes on my voyage to the bathroom forgetting we now had someone else in our family but i never expected her to be in there!

I was faced with a vision of Amanda totally naked and wet all over and her body shimmery and slippery from the soap that buttered her body in silky whitish foam.

I stood there unclad, mouth agape and d**k already risen to life **We all know that guy between our legs have a mind of it’s own**

I was there long enough to percieve all those features i have fantasized over in clear full details;
Her boobs was as firm and full as i have pictured it to be in my mind’s eyes.

That flat stomach that ran down to her belly button flowing down to her pubic region as my eyes savored the look of the p**sy, Shaven but a little trace of hair was left on it.
Her c–t was swollen from my own perspective and labias too tempting, knocking my brain over the bar.

That kim K hips that flows straight to the most succulent laps and those straight pair of legs that gave her the look of a goddess and i can tell i saw something that looked like a pink d—o on the floor.

“Chisoooooos! Sorry!!!” i shouted immediately on being recalled back to earth from an obvious trip to Jupitar.
I rushed out of the bathroom banging the door shut behind me as i ran to my room.

Could hear soft laughs from her while i picked my clothes and rushed up to my room, my hard d**k giving me much difficulty and the embarrassment so overwhelming.

A gentle knock on my door jolted me off from my thought which was a mixture of embarrassment and raging h0rniness tripled by the flashes of the erotic images of Amanda that i saw.

I sprang up, hurriedly slipped into my boxer and muttered “Come in” to whoever it was even though anybody already could have guessed who it was.

My eyes widened as Amanda stepped into my room clad in a white towel still very revealing tho.

“Uuuuhm am sorry aunty for barging in, i didnt know you were there” I blurted out stressing the aunty, with my face tilted towards the floor.

She gave out a mild chuckled “Its ok sky, actually i am not the only person that got exposed today, am i?” she teased running her eyes through my bare chest to the still visible bulge on my boxer.

I smiled mischievously with a surge of confidence running through me all of a sudden.

“I hope you will come down to the kitchen to help me with the meals” She proposed running her hands through my hair sending chills down my stomach into my pant.

“Yeah i will” i replied more bolder than before..
“Alright dear…” She smiled as she turned to leave, those huge bumz swaying through the white towel she wore round her chest.

“D–n …” My head blew open as i fell back on the bed giving out a loud sigh and being slightly angry at my d**k who just couldn’t respect itself, embarrassing me anyhow.

Anyway i have a cooking to do tonight…

…To be continued…🕯

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