My father’s wife season 1 episode 8


Episode 8

School seemed like an alien planet to me as i entered with a moronic frame of mind that was only fixed on Amanda.

The rabbles and dabbles and market like environment and behaviours students exhibited;
some could be seen gisting and laughing shouting with reckless abandon.

Many were busy ingesting reddish brown buns washed down with bottles of pepsi or other mineral drinks.
I just wonder if those guys dont eat breakfast at home or they just like eating buns and mineral drink.

Girls clad in different exotic dresses with over exaggerated make-ups that helps some become even more uglier still leaving them with the impression that they look beautiful…

“Sky! Sky!!” heared my name being yelled obviously not too close from me, it was a silky voice exhibiting sleek feminism.

I turned round and saw Enem walking briskly towards me almost running, she was on a black jean tight leggings tucked into a rose like flowery top, her hips would make Nicky Minaj jealous

Enem and i have been in one or two this and that, she was like a best friend to me in school but we have engaged in some sexu@l escapades which was where i learnt never to mess with a calabar chick.

She was dark complexioned with a face that would be awarded a C6 in beauty rating, but the things she lacked in facial beauty she made up in body beauty. those round b***s that never dropped even when freed from a bra, her hips that can be mistaken for fake resting on a leg we term as K-leg.

“Sky this quiz might start anytime from now, come lets go in” she announced without even greeting me, giving me a slight wink as she pulled me by the hand and headed toward class.

The quiz got little or none of my attention, i continued mopping blankly at my paper without seeing anything.
Amanda sat at the center of my thought like a queen on her throne making me see her kiss me, the feel of her b00bs on my chest tormented me.

I managed to scale through the quiz, God knows what i will score in this d–n quiz.

Had lunch with Enem at MAMA ONYI restaurant in school, i knew thats what she wanted from me all the while she clasped her hands around mine and followed me about school like a police proudly taking a criminal to cell.

I rushed home after discharging Enem at last cus she actually seemed she was never gonna let me go… **That girl shaa**

Through out the bus ride back home i could see myself meeting Amanda in the guest bathroom again but this time the things that would follow were very clear in my mind.

“Oga Sky i am back? Ahmed asked with a smile obviously happy to see me.
“No Ahmed i am not” i replied sarcastically making him let out a laugh that still sounded hausa-ish to me, exposing those yellow teeth evidence of consuming plenty white kola (goro).

Hitting the compound with high speed of my legs, a strange white lexus jeep packed before Papa’s car pack, it certainly wasn’t papa’s.

I pushed the door open as i was greeted with resounding laughter of two women in our sitting room.
A lady seemingly in her early 30’s sat with Amanda, she was beautiful but her body structure was in current mercy johnson’s category when it comes to size.

Both women fixed their eyes on me as my facial expression was drifted from that of anxiousness and h0rniness to disappointment.. **Who dah f–k brought this woman here**

“Good afternoon” i threw a cold greeting at both the women, eyeing Amanda who smiled at me.
“Nancy baby.. thats Johnysky my husbands son” Amanda announced.

“Hey Johny how are you?” Nancy asked running her eyes all over me with slow interval blinks.
“Am fine ma” i muttered almost to myself taking my leave of both as i walked to my room “which kind winch be this one na, just spoil all my plans” i hissed..

“Hmmm this your step son is handsome” i could hear Nancy tell Amanda who just laughed.

Annoyingly Nancy stayed till almost 4 in the evening which left me no choice but to pick up my ball and kit and head out for my basketball practise, leaving them at home still gisting like it is not two of them gisting for more than 2hours now,** nonsense.

I knew Papa would be home by the time i get back.
“Mtcheeeeew stupid day”……

…To be Continued…

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