My father’s wife season 1 episode 19


Episode 19

My journey from Nsukka to Enugu was depressing.
The swaying wind turbulence caressing my face making my eye lash fall on each other sometimes intruding into the corners of my eyes.

The golden green grasses and tall trees that bordered the road in every flank moved behind in an alternating uniformed speed as the PEACE MASS TRANSIT BUS i boarded sped on.
The bus was lively and noisy.. people laughing, joking, discussing, busy with their phones and noticeably a girl that kept lying on the phone that she was on her way to lagos, then abuja lastly port-harcourt. I felt like asking the driver where exactly are we going cus it seems i boarded the wrong bus.

Last night **Sighs** a good night turn bad, the soul crushing silence that followed after in Jessy’s room was killing and the effect still clouded my mind, my mind raced back to how the night played out

“Sky” Chioma’s voice lashed my ears.
Cynthia was startled as she turned sharply, i on my own part knew my sins don double.

I slowly looked at chioma, who had her hands on her waist, a loose wrapper hanging on her waist with a white singlet on.
I slowly pushed cynthia up, can see from the close range even tho the environment was pitch black that her face wore a blank look, disappointment was clearly written on it and a little pinch of anger.

Chioma turned round and walked back into the house after standing there for like 5minutes without uttering another word.
I felt an unusual cold take hold of me throwing my center of gravity off balance, i wanted to run after her but my legs couldn’t move it was as if i was nailed to that very spot.

“Sky common” Cynthia said reaching for my neck as she pulled my face down to hers introducing her lips into mine again
“Hey hey hey stop it” I blurted out pushing her away slowly.
**Person just catch me with this girl and still want to continue the show, i mean ‘who does that?**

“Please goodnight” i announced to cynthia who stood transfixed watching me disappear into the room to go and face my inevitable nemesis.

“Sky what were you doing with Cynthia outside” Jessy barked not even letting me close the door behind before her voice thunder through the space and landed on my ears.

Chioma was on the bed face down, obviously crying.
Jessy was facing me squarely, could see a lot of anger and disappointment in those penetrating eyes.
The spacious white wall of the room seemed to be closing in all around me, my head felt light. Didn’t know if i should start apologizing to chioma or not.

“Sky am i not talking to you? what dah hell were you doing with cynthia outside” Jessy thundered again taking a couple of steps forward towards me peering into my face in that answer searching look again.

“Please Jessy not now” i defended walking past her as she stood there like say she fit beat me.
I climbed the bed, with trembling and a reluctant hand, touched chioma on her back as lightly as possible.

“Chi its not what you think please am sorry” I said is a low ‘have mercy on me’ tone, Jessy now seated watched on still feigning anger.
“Chi please am sorry, i swear its not how you take it” I voiced out again as chioma didn’t not even stir or move.

“Chi please…” i continued this time rubbing her back.
“She actually wanted to………..” . . .
“Sky please just leave me alone, stop disturbing me please” she interrupted waving her hand but not looking at me.
“Please i want to sleep, goodnight.

“Nawa oo na so e take happen na” my mind lamented.
Giving out a loud sigh, i dragged myself wearily pass jessy who rolled her eyes and hissed, i entered the bathroom and shut the door.
**Mehn mission last night in nsukka just turned out to be my worst mission so far**
** ** ** **

“Oga sky!!!” ahmed shouted on opening the gate after i have banged at the gate for like forever.
The apologetic smile that filled his face for keeping me waiting as he pulled the gate open for me, those yellowish teeth always gives me something to laugh about.

“Oga sky, i don come back kai” he happily addressed me again
“No ahmed am still there” i teased making him laugh again and i picked up my speed again heading for the house.

The house was empty, the sound of music, jangling sound of kitchen wares or any resounding footsteps were not heard.
The air conditioner hummed, giving the house it normal chilly temp and fresh smell, it was obvious papa was not at home, his infiniti jeep wasn’t parked in it’s usual spot and am guessing amanda went with him .. **I missed home, i missed papa and most especially but yet strange i missed Amanda**

Dragging myself to my room, it was spotless, the bed was neatly made, the Cinderella bed spread was neater than i left it, the wood works shimmered under the light and the tiled floor sparkled..
“Amanda, i hail oooo” i smiled in my mind rushing to the bathroom for a cold shower.

Fell on the bed immediately i stepped out of the bathroom, clad in only a white boxer **not Disney inspired this**
But i drifted into a Disney inspired sleep finding myself in an Alice-like wonderland..

..To be Continued..

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