Initiated episode 7

Episode 7

“How about Baba Chinwe” Chioma had asked

“What about him? Ada enquired

” can’t we meet him for help? He’s baba only brother and an elderly man, he might have an answer to our dreams” chioma suggested

” hmmm, chioma have you forgotten mama had stopped us from visiting that man or playing with his children, please spare me mama beatings o” Ada blatantly refused

“Ada I will go see him why you cover up for me when mama returns, i have a feeling something bad is about to happen soon” chuoma still insisted

” Hmmm, try and go now before mama returns and be careful” Ada agreed with a sigh

It was still a day to the initiation and chioma could feel something was about to happen. She quickly ran off to Baba Chinwe’s house..

Baba chinwe their uncle was outside the compound eating some garden eggs when he sighted her from afar, he smiled and looked up to the sky whilst he awaits her to come closer.

“Good evening baba” chioma greeted

“My princess, you are welcome please have a seat and help yourself with the garden eggs” baba chinwe offered

“Thank you baba” chioma sat down looking sad

“Speak out my princess, what brought you to my house today after so many years” Baba chinwe said taking a bite at his garden egg.

Chioma narated all their fears to him and he kept nodding his head at every sentence.

“Wait for me” baba chinwe said and stood up.
He walked back 2 minutes later with beats in his hand.

” Take this and give your sister one too, both of you should tie it around your waist.”he stretched the waist bead to her and relaxed in his chair staring at her.

” Your father and I knows a day like this will come, I know your mother told you to stay away from me saying I killed your father, but I know you being the true daughter of your father will surely come to me one day when the need arises.” Baba Chinwe gave her another stare again and continued.

“I pray the gods words come to pass soon before your mother achieves her aim” he added

” Baba you confusing me the more, and what’s mama trying to do to us” chioma asked worriedly

“Put on those waist bead and let the spirit of your father and the gods do their work” baba chinwe said

“Thank you baba,I shall be on my way now before my mother returns” chioma said

“Go well my princess and may the gods be with you” baba chinwe waved goodbye to her

Chioma ran fast home and immediately explained everything to Ada and also handing her the waist beads.

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