Initiated episode 14

Episode 14 (Final)

Though mama had hurt her children badly they still felt her demise, to them she was the only mother they knew.

Baba Ada told the girls his work was over and it was time for him to rest in peace.

“Baba thank you, we wished things were different and you will be following us home” Ada said still sober

“Ada my first child, you are my mother and I am glad you sticked with your sister. You will make a good wife and mother, may the gods be with you” baba Ada said

“Chioma you are the eyes of the goddess, do not forget who you are. The village is in your hands and continue being brave, baba chinwe is there to protect you both” baba Ada added

“Thank you baba we wouldn’t disappoint you” chioma had assured her father.

Baba Ada gave them a hug before disappearing. Ada and chioma also let the cave leaving their mother’s body behind, it was an abormination for a witch body to be buried in the land.

By the time they came out of the cave the sun had come up, they worked home holding each others hands. They got closed to home and saw the villagers led by the king and baba chinwe.

“The villagers on seeing them went into singing and dancing, thanking Ada and chioma from freeing them from the evil doers.

” my daughters I am so glad to have witnessed this day, the initiated villagers had come to me and confessed..they also told me what they witnessed. I want to specially thank you and may the gods continue to be with you” the king said.

“Thank you Igwe we only did what was expected from us by the gods” chioma replied.

“My daughters, the king asked if i can let him adopt the both of you as you are still young to be leaving alone” Baba chinwe announced.

Ada and chioma looked at their selves and smilled.

“Yea baba, we will love to have a family again” chioma said.

There was loud shout and clap from the villagers as the king, Ada and chioma hugged.

They all went back to the village to continue with the celebration.

The End💘

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