Initiated episode 3&4

Episode 3

Ada and Chioma woke up looking so confused about how they got home, chioma was about to ask Ada something when their mother walked in.

“Oh, you girls are up, I thought you waiting for me to come pour water on you,” Mama Ada said.

“What happened, how did we get home? Ada asked touching her head.

Their mother turned to look at them surprisingly, she let out a laugh at Ada’s rhetorical question.

” what do you me how did you get home, where did you girls go to? She inquired with a frown.

“Mama, I don’t understand, are you saying we never left this room? Chioma asked now looking at her sister confused.

” see I don’t know what you girls dreamt of before waking up, but pls stand up and do your chores I am heading to the market.” She said dusting her shoes as she head for the door.

“Mama, where do you always go to every night, we followed you yesterday to a cave,” Chioma asked

Mama Ada paused at the door and looked at her kids?

“What cave, and where will I be going to in the middle of the night leaving you kids alone in the house,” mama Ada asked looking into their faces.

“I think I need to collect herbs for the two of you on my way back from the market, cos I don’t understand the rubbish you girls are pouring out” she looked at them one more time and left.

Chioma and Ada sat down confused, was it a nightmare or hallucination, they wondered.

“Did you believe mama? Chioma finally spoke

” I don’t know, maybe it was just a dream” Ada shrugged her shoulders getting up to go out.

“Ada I am surprised you take this lightly, how possible it is for us to have the same dream? Chroma asked looking more worried.

” see just let this be, stand up let’s hurry up and go to school” Ada ordered..

Chioma wasn’t convinced, she could tell her mother was hiding something and she plans on finding out what it is.

Episode 4

Chioma was coming back home from school one evening when she heard someone whisper her name. She turned and she was startled at who she saw.

“Ahhh Baba..what..are…! She could bring herself to say a word.

” Chioma my daughter I missed you,” Baba Chioma said stretching out his arms to hug her.

“Baba…” she managed to say.
She rushed into her father’s embrace crying.

“You are alive, why did you leave us? She asks her father still in his arms.

” Listen to me my princess, your mother…” baba Ada went mute.

Chioma raised her head to look at her father’s face.

“Run…” he said and then vanished into thin air.

Chioma screamed looking around confused, she turned and saw a group of people coming towards her. She tried running but her legs wouldn’t move, she fell hopelessly shivering and screaming.

“Chioma, Chioma, wake up what’s it,” mama Ada asked, kneeling beside her.

Chioma opened and saw her mother and sister looking at her disturbed.

“It was a dream, it was a dream,” Chioma said breathing heavily while her mother held her in her arms.

“What kind of a dream made you so scared like this, you were screaming your lungs out in your sleep,” Mama Ada asked.

“I saw Baba, he said…” And then she paused.

“He said what? Mama Ada questioned

” Nothing…he was about saying something when some people appeared and started chasing me,” Chioma said, still trying to process what the dream meant and what was her father trying to tell her.

Mama Ada looked at her daughter for some seconds and then told her she was going to get malaria herbs for her.

Chioma spent most of the day in thought. she could recognize those people she saw in her dreams, they were the same people she saw in that cave.

Though you couldn’t identify the faces but their clothes were the same.

“Chioma…” Ada called her bringing her back to reality.

“Eh…what, what” she responded weakly

“I have been talking to you since…Ada queried.

” Sorry” Chioma said coldly

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