Initiated episode 13

Episode 13(semi-final)

Two men walked up to Ada and Chioma and dragged them to Zulu. Baba Ada wasn’t scared as he awaits to see Chioma’s powers do their wonders.

Ada had become courageous putting her trust in Chioma and their father’s spirit. While mama Ada stood up to stop Zulu from sacrificing the girls but he pushed her back to the floor with just a wave of his hand.

“Now let’s see how you can stop me, priestess,” Zulu said laughing

Zulu started saying his incantations, summoning the dark spirits to take place.

There was wild voices in the walls, a shadow looking creature appeared, it howl loud showing a sign of taste for blood.

“Welcome great one, I have this two fresh blood maidens as a sign of gratitude to you” zulu said bowing down to the shadow creature.

He went back to his incantation bringing out a knife to slit Ada’s throat first.

“Noooo….”mama ada screamed crying out.

Shiba stood holding chioma to her kneels why he grin watching his father.

Ada held her breath as she looked into chioma’s eyes smilling, she closed her eyes and was ready to accept her faith.

The whole cave started trembling like an earthquake was about to happen, the coven members took cover, some ran out of the cave, shiba fell to the ground and zulu fell losing grip of the knife.

Ada opened her eyes and saw chioma standing above the ground with her eyes shining so bright , shiba ran behind his father and zulu though shocked stood up to fight her.

Chioma opened the cave pointing at Ada to go out, Ada quickly ran out but stood close to watch.

Zulu tried using his powers severally but it wasn’t having effect on Chioma, her powers over powered him. The remaining coven members ran to her pleading for mercy on their lives and she pointed for them to go out too.

The dark spirit screech angrily as he was summoned with out a sacrifice, it took Shiba and went away with him.

” Noooo my son, not my son” zulu cried out.

Mama ada ran to chioma crying and begging for forgivness, chioma turned looking at her father he gave her a nodd and chioma turned back to her mother whom was still kneeling.

“No, I can’t lose alone” zulu said as he stabbed mama Ada from the back.

Chioma pushed zulu so hard that he flew up and landed his head so hard on a stone dying instantly.

Chioma ran to her mother, the stab was deep making blood gush out of her back.

Ada also ran in to where their mother was.

“Pls forgive me, forgive me….” Mama Ada breathed her last breath.


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