Initiated episode 10

Episode 10

“Oh well enough of the emotional talks, can we get this started already” king Zulu said standing up from his throne

“One of you will be initiated and sent back to another village to continue from where your mother stoped and the other will be sacrifies to the spirits of darkness. So Chioma you are the one the spirits wants” zulu said giving them an evil eye.

“What you never told me that” Mama ada replied looking surprised

“Now you know,” Zulu said unapologetically

“I have something to say,” chioma said.

“Go ahead” Zulu permitted.

“My sister is menstruating, I believe the initiation wouldn’t work with her bleeding,” Chioma said.

“What!Navia didn’t you know? Zulu asked

” i.I didn’t think of it” Mama Ada stammered.

“Arrrhhhh…we are runing of time Navia, how can you be so careless,” zulu said paving around.

“I guess we will initiate just this one today” zulu said

Chioma took a deep breath and lolked at Ada that was already looking so scared.

“Shiba get the knife and cut her palm on that diamond” Zulu instructed while he started his incantation.

Shiba walked closer with the knife to Chioma and tried to cut her palm but he got a sharp pain making him throw the knife.

“Ahhhh my hand” Shiba screamed

Zulu was distracted from his incantations and mama ada was surprised at what she saw too.

“Give me that,” Zulu said angrily collecting the knife

He tried cuting her palm again and he also let our a scream throwing down the knife.

“What the hell did you give them” Zulu snapped at mama Ada angrily choking her with his hand

“Nothing, I didn’t give them anything,” mama ADA said pleading for her life

Zulu let go of mama Ada’s neck and went in for another incantation.

“Strip her n***d” he shouted and a woman from the crowd rushed and strip chioma revealing the waist bead on her waist

“Where did you get that from, strip the other one too” zulu ordered

The woman did as instructed

“You lied to me” zuZulusked noticing Ada wasn’t bleeding

“Bring the two of them hear and put them on their knees” uku said now more angry

Chioma and Ada knelt down. Chioma closed her eyes and she could hear a voice telling her to run, she turned and looked at Ada who was covered with fear.

She tapped Ada and screamed run….they both took to their heels heading to the cave door but they couldn’t pass through.

Zulu and Shiba stood behind laughing.

“Chioma please go and let me do as they want” Ada said

“Never” chioma replied


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