Initiated episode 8

Episode 8

It was early ours of the day when mama Ada woke up her children, the girls woke up stretching their body from one end to the other..

“Em, I hope you all had nice rest” she asked and the girls nodded.

“Ok, Ada you are now 16 years and Chioma is now 14 years old and I think this is the right time to open up to you girls” she paused and looked at their face and then continued.

“You know how your father died mysteriously 8years ago, and I have been the one taking care of you alone. Our life is about to change from this night henceforth.” Mama ada glared at the girls again, they were all listening to her.

“I want to take you girls to my family, your family, so we can all unite and be together. When we get their you will both understand me better” she concluded.

“Your family? I thought you said you have no family and you were an orphan when papa married you” Ada asked

“Yes, but i lied now it’s the right time to introduce you to them. I want you girls to obey me” She growled scaring the girls.

” Mama we are going no where with you if you don’t tell us how you lied about your family to papa and decided to just tell us now” chioma protested.

“Will you shot up, you ungrateful girl, do you know what I have sacrificed and passed through for this day? How dare you question my orders” mama Ada busted out angrily

Chioma and Ada where surprise at their mother rage, she has never shouted or spoken to them this way.

“Ok mama we have heard you, we will go with you” Ada had said trying to calm the tension.

“Good, you will surely represent me well Ada, as for you Chioma do not take this stubborn attitude of yours to my family, or else you will see the other side of me” mama Ada warned and then left the room.

“What should we do now’ Ada asked chioma nervously

” let’s follow her and see what she is up to, make sure your waist bead is still around you” chioma said

“Okay, if you sense danger today make sure you run without looking back” Ada said with yearly eyes

“What are you talking about, you are my sister and we will stick together” chioma assured her

“Chioma listen, you are the brave one among us, and papa made me promise to protect you. If their is a chance for any of us to be save I want it to be you, do you understand me” Ada asked

Chioma nodded her head and hugged her sister so tight.

“I will rush to Baba chinwe’s house to update him” chioma said

“Okay that’s good, let me start the house chores” Ada responded


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